Who would have thought that when my employer told me I was taking this day off, I would have had ill feelings about it? Why are they giving me the day off? I already picked my holidays for the year. What do they want in return? Does everyone get the day off?

That is truly where my mind went. Honestly, I didn’t know there even was such a day because that takes looking at a calendar. I use my phone.

I knew I would have the day off for about two weeks and it wasn’t until Monday that I understood – and welcomed having the day off.

My immediate boss came into the studio to chat about various and sundry things. At that time, I told him I had a problem. I said I was uncomfortable with the idea of having to take the day off. I asked what they expected from me by my taking the day off. I know there had been some talk of speaking in a positive way about politics. Personally, I never go that direction on my show – ever! I talk about personal growth and empowerment, not politics. I leave that to my husband, the politician.

I then asked if the men would be getting an extra day off. He stood there and smiled at me. The next words he said were all I needed to hear to shut me right up and welcome the day.

He said, “I am a white man Cari. You as a woman, have been oppressed for so long, you don’t even realize you are oppressed!” He continued to say I am to do my job the way I have always done. There is no expectation of any additional on-air conversation from me about politics, good, bad or ugly.

At that very moment, I remembered the violence experienced from the hands of many men. I remembered living with constant emotional abuse that kept me captive; words that were so painful but I “thought” I had no choice but to stay there and accept them. I gave birth to a child. Hell yes I deserved the day off!

That was all I needed to hear. Now on this day off, I only wish we didn’t have daily rain in the beautiful northwest because I would have loved to spend my day on the beach, in the mountains or on a long nature walk somewhere. I guess I will be happy with the ability to get things done on a day I otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

You as a woman, have been oppressed for so long, you don’t even realize you are oppressed!

Sisters, let’s rally! We are strong and powerful, and we all know this to be true. Let us continue to rise and show this world what we are capable of, especially when we rise together. We all know there is incredible strength in numbers, especially when a group of women get together.

Happy National Women’s Day!!!