When Dan Erickson and I started recording these videos, we had no idea what would be coming through each of us. These videos basically explain creation, and who we are, and why we are  here. For anyone on a spiritual journey, or even curious about any of the five questions, you must hear all six of these videos. This is why they are alone on one page. They are that critical

Review by Stacie: Hey Dan I just watch the last installment of your video series with Cari. You did such an incredible job with it. I do appreciate the mention that the ego doesn’t die. I spent a lot of time a decade ago trying to obliterate the ego, since that’s what many at that time said you needed to do and what those same people are still trying to do today and consequently are still stuck. Obviously, I failed miserably, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that you can’t kill it…the ego serves a purpose and it’s literally a shift in perspective you are searching for. You wouldn’t have a dualistic experience as a Spirit without the ego. I now look at it as making friends with the ego and giving it little ‘tasks’ to occupy its ‘time.’ For me that works to keep me in awareness as much as possible. The other point you made that I thought was tremendously valuable is trauma. It’s very real and nobody escapes trauma in these lifetimes on earth. It’s so important to dive deep into your trauma and deal with it. Trauma does have a death, the story dies and you, the Spirit, moves on. I feel the biggest downfall we face right now is the lack of Mental Health programs that are trauma informed. It’s the trauma that reeks havoc on us if not resolved. It’s the reason for most, if not all addictions, chronic pain, mental illness, suicides. It gets stuck/trapped in every part of us and we end up lost and eventually hopeless. The hopelessness is the end for most😞 This was all so beautifully conveyed….very well done Dan and Cari🥰