Spiritual Conversations

Enjoy these short, but powerful spiritual

conversations between Cari & Candice. 

Episode 45 – Cari wraps up her trip to Sedona plus a trip to the Ascension Chamber in Phoenix. See photos of spiritual phenomena near the end of the video. It’s a must-see!

Episode 46 – You know it when it happens: you feel off-balance, out of whack. Wouldn’t you like a “heads up,” a warning before it gets out of control? Watch as Candice and Cari discuss how to achieve balance in life. 

Episode 44 -Cari describes her first trip to Sedona, AZ

Episode 43 – Following guidance isn’t always a logical path. Check out Cari’s story following her guidance about trees in her neighborhood. Trees! Really?

Episode 41 -Did you ever think of pain as your friend? It’s your body’s way of telling you to pay attention to it. What’s going on? We are not just our physical bodies, but neither are we simply our energy bodies. 

Episode 42 -There is a Cherokee story about the Two Wolves. An Elder tells his grandson about a fight within that pits evil with goodness. When the young child asks which wolf will win, the old Cherokee replied, “The one you feed.” 

Episode 40 -Guidance is real. You never know when YOU might be that angel that intervenes in someone’s life just when they needed it. YOU might become that sign that they asked for and needed.

Episode 39 -How you respond to surrounding frequencies will affect you as well as those around you. Watch as Candice and Cari discuss using your energy field to maneuver your surroundings. 

Episode 37 – Saying goodbye to our four-legged family members is never an easy thing to do. Why is it so hard? We will miss them, but rest assured, they’ll be waiting for us when we it’s our time to transition.

Episode 38 -Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? As humanity continues the path of awakening, many are asking these questions. 

Episode 36 – A basic question: how do I start a spiritual Journey? Check out the conversation as Cari and Candice weigh in on one of the most important journeys in life.

Episode 35 – What are ETs and UFOs? If they exist, can we prove it? Join Cari and Candice for this lively conversation…and stay tuned after the final credits for a surprise visitor. Was it an ET? You be the judge.

Episode 33 – Join us as Cari talks about her journey into consciousness. As Cari spoke, there were small orbs that zoomed across the screen. They are tiny and can best be viewed on a computer monitor rather than a mobile device.

Episode 34 – Friends: how many are enough? Can you have too many friends? What’s the difference between acquaintances and friends? Is your best friend today the same as ten years ago? 

Episode 32 – Candice describes an experience she had at Monroe Institute while attending a program called Lifeline. She describes the events behind her spontaneous opening to the world of spirit, the world of energy.

Episode 31 – How do you define yourself? Is it by the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the neighborhood and house where you live? Embracing a spiritual path allows for a different perspective. As your views shift, you realize that none of that “stuff” matters. 

Episode 29 – Cabin Fever is rampant, but there’s hope. When you feel stuck, take charge. Find a way to get outside and connect with the sounds and sights of Nature. Become part of it. 

Episode 30 -What’s your Style? Meditate or Not? How do you quiet your mind to hear the subtleties of Guidance? You might be surprised to learn that meditation is not always a prerequisite for receiving messages from the nonphysical realms

Episode 28 – Welcome change into your life. Embrace the unknown. On the edge of the cliff, ready to jump? Will your parachute open? Get on your flying carpet and see where it takes you. Trust.

Episode 27 – Read a book now…read a book later. What a difference it can make. It’s amazing how the printed word can influence you and your path in life. These words can be the touchstone for your life to come. 

Episode 25 – As we view 2020 and the assault this week on the US Capitol through the rearview mirror, we can use our collective energy to bring forth the best year ever.

Episode 26 – When your Zen is challenged by the holiday season, when ego drives your actions and those around you, take a deep breath; put a space between your thoughts so you respond by acting, not reacting.

Episode 24 – 2020 rocked our world. We will never be the same, but as painful as it was, it was also a time for growth. Why go back to the old was just because it was familiar? Isn’t it time to redefine your life and shift to something that will serve us better?

Episode 23 – Released on December 24, 2020…right in the middle of the holiday season. Magic is in the air as Santa prepares to visit children across the globe. But…is that a belief or, is it a known? 

Episode 21 – Messages from nonphysical are subtle. As rain falls on a lake, each drop creates ripples, but unless the water is still, you cannot see the ripples. The same is true for receiving messages from our angels and guides. When we maintain stillness we begin to perceive the nudges.


Episode 22 – What might be truth for you, could be nonsense for someone else. Beliefs can be challenged, but the believer must be ready for self-introspection. Learn to listen to the gentle nudges from spirit that guide you in the direction of your truth. 

Episode 20 – Animals are pure energy; they live in the present moment and don’t get bogged down in the day-to-day activities as we do. They are also members of our family, so it’s very difficult for us when they cross the Rainbow Bridge.


Episode 19 – Holidays are not always easy. Did you survive Thanksgiving? Holidays can be challenging. We can learn to survive these events with our relationships still intact. It’s a matter of tuning in…and tuning out

Episode 17 – Expanding your consciousness will change you. As your energy rises, you will find people will fall away. As we close doors on things that do not serve us, other doors open. It’s all part of the game of life on Earth. 

Episode 18 – Thanksgiving 2020 is just around the corner. What a difference one year makes! Who would have ever thought we’d be in the middle of a global pandemic. This changes things for us…how and when we get together with family and friends.