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When  my spiritual journey found me  in late 2016, I had no idea it was what I’d been searching for my entire lfe. 

Like everyone else, I was in pursuit of “that thing,” never knowing what I was searching for. I always knew it wasn’t a house or a career, for me it was, “what am I supposed to be doing during this lifetime?”

Since this path finally found me in late 2016, I follow guidance 100% of the time, it has never let me down. It takes me to a much better place than I would have created for myself; this is why I listen. My higher self knows what I am here to do. I merely surrender and allow.

I have  ended up at a place where I realize – I am no longer searching – for anything. I have arrived; I am at that place we are all looking for; I have found Nirvana. It doesn’t matter how you get here – but this is the place; the way you want to feel.

I am at this constant place of peace because I quieted my mind and I listen. I live from spirit and ego doesn’t play through me or my life. I no longer plan my life or have a to-do list. I surrender – and I live in trust that the right thing, or it’s equivalent, will make its way to me under grace and in perfect ways. And it always does.

My daily mantra is, “Everything is always working out for me,” and it does in more beautiful ways than I could explain.

Let’s change your life! I can help you drop all of the old stories you’ve continued to carry. Let’s get you on a path of choices that feel delicious so you can learn how to be the sole driver of your bus!  

-Cari Palmer

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