With Life…

Comes Living.

I Can’t Play in the Same Sandbox with You

Humans, you are getting hard; make that impossible to be around. I guess I've been so far removed from you already, then with a pandemic sprinkled on top, I haven't seen you in well over a year. The biggest group I've been around is in the grocery store. Just being...

The Shot Dividing Us

I had an eerie feeling it was going to come to this. Now that it has, it will be interesting to see where we go from here. We thought we had an administration problem in our country and blamed it for everything. Now, it is your personal choice that will divide us; you...

Heartless? No… Just no longer broken

We are told by Zen masters to be mindful and present. After achieving this level of existence, I realize most humans could not even begin to live in this state. As you start to ascend levels of higher consciousness, you leave everything else behind that bound you....

I Don’t Miss My Daughter

She’s off to college and as she drove away, I moved on to the next segment of my life. She is fine. I have nothing to worry about. I let her go.

I WANTED THAT JOB! I Really Believed I Did

A short video about getting what we want, and not getting what we think we want, through manifestation.

COVID, You’ve Been a Gift

I know most people wouldn't say this, but for me, COVID, you've been a gift. Because it was on its way, I received very deliberate guidance in October of 2019 to buy paint and canvases. I had no idea why, because I'm not a painter or artist. But I listen to my...

2020 Vision – Happiness Lies Ahead

Looking ahead to the new decade with 2020 vision, perhaps it’s time to take charge of your life and use your emotions as your guide.

Happy Birthday to Me!

On October 8, 1959, with the help of a little castor oil, my mother grunted a few times and then poof, there was Cari. That's right, my 60th birthday was two days ago, and you didn't see it anywhere on Facebook! How can this be? Well, three years ago, after much...

We Get What We Ask For

We always get what we ask for. Because of this, we need to be careful what we are thinking!

Falling in Love or Filling a Need?

Are we “falling” in love or walking in with our eyes wide open? You can never truly love until you love yourself.