One Step at a Time

I am not even similar to the woman I was seven years ago. What am I doing differently now? What do I do that was not part of my modus operandi seven years ago? These are truly the simple things I do that have brought me to Enlightenment. I live in bliss 100% of the time.


Put one foot in front of the other.


As a normal, functioning human, I had plans and dreams, just like you do. I had lists and put things on the calendar. I use a calendar now to remember what day it is and to mark future dental appointments, so I remember to show up. 


Other than this, Guidance is how I get around. I have completely surrendered and let go. I have come to realize that where we are going, we can do it the hard way, or we can do it the easy way. I figured since I’d been doing it the hard way my entire life, I would give the easy way a shot. I don’t know why I didn’t make this turn earlier, but I know nothing will happen before it’s time.


When I tried to plan ahead to “make things happen,” I was really good at it. I know how much work it takes to get stuff done, as I’ve been doing it my entire life. 


I want to help you see my vision of this experience. My path is a straight line. It goes directly to the next step I am supposed to take. When I was constantly getting in my own way, I was stumbling all over the place. 

The black is a normal “human” trying to create a life that they believe they are to create. The Pink is my life. One step takes me to the next. I only do one at a time.

We try so hard to make our life into something we’ve been told is what we want; we can’t wait to get there. Yet we never find that space of happiness that we keep hearing about. This is because one man’s happy is not your happy. 


You know what you want to be doing, yet you don’t listen. It is your inner self screaming at you. It points an arrow in a perfect direction for you to follow, yet you don’t. You keep “thinking” (meaning going in your head and deducing), penciling, and planning. You aren’t on your path at all. 


You have so many voices telling you what you need to do and who you are that you are lost for the most part. What you think you want in your gut doesn’t align with what they say you want. They tell you they know what is best for you or that “they know.” How can we know anything unless we experience it for ourselves? We can’t. 


Remember the Hot & Cold game as a child. As you get close to that center line, where you should be, you start feeling aligned. It is getting warmer. It is as if your chakras are firing off in perfect timing, and everything is exactly as it should be. You are hot! You feel delicious, and you don’t have a clue why. And then you keep moving straight down that line you penciled out until it starts getting cold again. But you keep going. You get hot, then you are cold again. 


You go from the cold far left, crossing over the hot space as you once again go far to the right. You go back and forth. Every time you get close to the middle, it starts firing up perfectly, yet you move on again. You don’t remain where it feels good. Why?


Once I started putting only one little pinky toe out in front, this changed. Rather than spend time and energy thinking about what I think I should be doing to get somewhere, I have surrendered. I am shown where I need to go and what I need to do. It never shows me why. I don’t get to know what my big picture will look like. We never can know. I have to trust that it is marvelous and that I set myself up for a magnificent ride. 


So, I take that first step. That is the only step I ever take. I don’t jump to the fifth step – to that thing I really (think I) want to do – ever. When we do this, we are not taking that single step. That single step will be in a direction you did not see coming. That is why we do it. One step, out of the blue, moves us one step ahead. Then another step comes and takes us in another direction. When we “think” about our steps and plan our lives, we delay where we are ‘supposed’ to go. We are pushing our personal pause button. 


I walk in a straight line up the very steep side of the mountain, with one foot in front of the other. Meanwhile, you are creating massive switchbacks that take you beyond me to the other side of the mountain, and then you switch back. You are ‘doing’ so much that wastes your time, yet it is all you see in front of you. You can’t see that my simple little way of doing things is driven by Divine Guidance. I wait, I listen, I am guided, and I move. Then I do it again. 


We do hear what we need to hear. But first, we must listen.



Be Present

This God-given time over the last year has taught me how to be a master at presence. I was already living that way, but now I can remain peaceful even in a crisis. Truly, living at the ocean and the months leading up to it was equivalent to living like a monk in a cave. For months I stood and stared. It was all I could do. I can do this now as a practice to be fully at peace wherever I may be.





When I realized my ego and my brain have no power here, I let them rest. I stopped listening to any source outside of myself. This was when I turned off the phone, computer, and TV. That was when I met my higher self. That was when I realized that we open our personal bandwidth to receive by not filling our heads with all the crap we hear daily. I stopped listening to what was driving everyone else crazy or making them angry. I went inside to a very peaceful space and let that be my information channel. 


We can’t fathom how powerful we are or how connected we are. When we learn to trust ourselves enough to listen to our higher selves, we start to receive what we will not get from our phones or the collective. People have a device in their hands to get more and more information, and they do. You have become insatiable. 


Surrendering fully, I have given the keys to my life to my higher self. I don’t “do” anything, ever. It is all Guidance when I get out of bed and if I will have a morning beverage. There are no disagreements when you take the “thinker” out of the picture. I just float day in and day out.



Live in Gratitude


Once you get here, you tend to live in gratitude. You experience miracles every day. When the miracle unfolds, you feel the blessing and are overcome with gratitude. It is what I now call my Magical Merry-Go-Round. 


When you are happy, you raise your vibration. You start seeing life’s blessings and miracles when you do this. When they appear, you are full of gratitude. You ooze with love for life and God, and the miracles. Because you live in this space, you bring more and more of the same. This is the roller coaster you want to be on.



Manage my Energy


Energy is the only currency I have now, and how I spend it determines how I feel. 


After being a hermit for years, going back out in front of people was a process and a learning experience. It has been a process of treading water carefully and listening to what comes. Here’s what I’ve learned so far. 


I can’t be around people. I knew I wasn’t supposed to connect to people in my new immediate neighborhood. Now that I have been slowly dripping myself into society, I realize I am not meant to be there. 


It has been such a gift to see how my energy has affected the places I have been, but this is not why I am here. I am honored that I have touched the souls I have; thank you for showing me. It is much appreciated.


To be able to be the full vessel I am here to be, I’m coming to realize that I can’t have “friends” as it will limit my message. I was given a beautiful lesson in this recently. The friends I have made at the local level in no way can they comprehend my mission. 


I can’t dumb myself down to be a friend. My energy is bursting out of me – it won’t allow it. I must jump fully into the messages I am here to share. I can’t limit my words because I may offend someone I just met.


This ride I am on is a solo one. Once I am out there, and my books are on the shelf, everyone can know my story if they want to. At that time, the people in this vibrational space will find their way to me. This is the tribe I am ready to attract. They are the village I have been waiting for.