I’m supposed to lift you up when life has knocked me down? What is the lesson to be learned here?

Even when people on this planet are here to serve and help others, they are going through life at the same time. If only when we get to this place where we know we are here to be of service, we could zoom to the top of the mountain, wearing our Buddhist robe, ready to pass along our zen wisdom to those in need. Here we would know we have nothing but perfect wisdom 100% of the time. Imagine the transformation that would be happening all around us. Unfortunately, it is a completely imperfect world, so this will never happen.

I had a woman unsubscribe from my website recently because the last few posts I have written have not been about helping others or sharing wisdom, they have been about me and the woes of my life. Having a blog sometimes leans you this direction. Sometimes it can be a ramble or a rant about what is happening in your life. For me, it is a way for me to open myself up so you can get to know me. In my blog today, and every time I write one, I hope the deeper meaning will come out on the other side.

My recent posts have been about me going from an active, busy, perfect-yet-vanilla lifestyle – to extreme agony, pain and the inability to do anything. From living like and having the energy of someone in their 20’s, I’m now living in a recliner as I watch the world around me go on since October 16th. With all of this happening to me, I always look for the lesson and message.

Never in a million years would I be thrown down so hard where every little thing that I know to be true is gone – would I sit back and throw in the towel. Life can be a bitch and challenge us to every fiber of our core. If we aren’t paying attention and know deep down that we have value and worth, every knockdown can be the one that we allow to lead us to the end. Oh hell no, I do not roll that way.

The thing I cannot control right now is the pain I am experiencing from surgery and the infection the doctors found in my spine. Finding this black sludge answered the question why my pain level was so incredibly intense before surgery. Other than the pain that keeps me sitting day after day, I am still here. Being forced to sit still and live in one 5 X 5 section of a house has been very eye-opening and enlightening! When you are moving forward and fast as I had been up until now, there are so many things that I missed. I can’t miss anything parked on my butt! This experience has been by far the most intense and awakening time of my life.

During the many months leading up to my knockdown on October 16th, I had been asking the universe time and time again for clarity on my next-steps in life. I was not complaining about living in vanilla-land, yet I knew a change was to happen, and I knew I needed answers to initiate this change. October 16th the universe responded.

This experience has been by far the most intense and awakening time of my life.

During those long weeks leading up to surgery, I heard what the universe said and basically nodded my head, acknowledging that I knew what I had to do. But then I did nothing.

When I went in for my surgery, and they found the infection, creating complications beyond anything I could have imagined, I realized it was the universe completely bitch-slapping me because I hadn’t paid attention and acted upon the answers provided. While medicated and screaming in pain, I had to laugh through all of it because I knew she was pissed at me. The answers were laid out in front of me, and I had merely nodded my head. The universe wants to know that when we finally see where we are headed, we put on our blinker and we correct our course. I was merely stewing in mine before the surgery, not actively making necessary adjustments.

it was the universe completely bitch-slapping me because I hadn’t paid attention

While I may be disabled and I can’t physically do much at all, every change the universe has laid out for me starts today. As long as I have my voice or a way to communicate, Just like you, I have the power in my ruby slippers to change galaxies. Today is the beginning of the rest of my beautiful life.

How can this help you in your life situation? I want you to know that those of us who are here to be of service also need to continue to experience life and all of the turmoil and upheaval she throws at us. Through us, our experiences and our coming out shining on the other side, hopefully, can give you promise that you have the same power in your ruby slippers. Not every day is going to be sunshine and rainbows for everyone on this planet.

Just like you, I have the power in my ruby slippers to change galaxies.

Coming from where I did and ending up where I am now, I have so much to share to inspire and help you claw your way out of your nightmare of a life. At the same time, Like you, I am human, and there is no right or wrong way to do anything – I hope in my day to day stories, you can find the message of hope and how you can take any situation and turn it around.

This human experience we are all sharing right now is full of nothing but choices. We can choose to make life beautiful, to merely tolerate it or to be miserable and blame everyone and everything for our pain and problems. I am here to help you see that you can choose happiness. I am here to show you that you can decide your way into a life of bliss. I am here to remind you that ultimately, the only one who can give you a dream existence is you. Placing yourself in your driver’s seat and taking over all of the controls will provide you with ownership of the level of happy you want to feel. It’s really as simple as that.

By expecting those you look at for guidance to be always 100% there to lift you up and pull you through the hard stuff is not a reality. Ultimately, you have to be the one pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and doing the work. Don’t ever give that power to anyone else! Be the driver, do the hard work. Behind your wheel – YOU decide where you want to go! Crank up that engine and get moving!