In trying to think back to 16-years-old and what I was excited about, sadly I’m drawing a blank. I know I liked music, but I didn’t have to have it playing all the time when I was awake. I liked to read, I think. I just don’t remember what I read if it wasn’t school related. I liked to talk to my friends and “hang out” with them, sometimes we talked on the phone. More than anything, I did what I was told; I went outside to play. All of my visions of “back when” were from being at the lake, riding bikes around town, or playing tennis. Very little inside action was taking place.

I am deeply concerned with this young generation. Having a 16-year-old, I see a generic barometer of what kids her age are doing. 1.) You have to have music playing at all times when you are awake; this is a must, 2.) Snapchat is the rage because of all the fun things you can do with videos to make things go fast, backward, etc., 3.) Facebook is so out, 4.) Instagram and Twitter are necessary, and 5.) when someone sends you a text, immediate action must be taken.

I found this great article on Facebook (because I am old school). I shared it with her and she agreed with what the kids are saying. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Excerpt from article

Read the complete article here.


What will our world look like when these kids are in their 30’s and 40’s? Do you ever think about it? How can they know how to have face to face break ups, confrontations, encounters, jobs? How are they going to communicate? Will the movie “Her” come to life? It definitely gives you something to ponder.

Another thing my daughter is beyond excited about has now added to my concern for their future. She asked for a book a while back, so I got it for her birthday. Who wouldn’t give their kid a book, right? Without finishing the book, she went to the store last week because there was a new book on the market she just had to have! Now that I’ve glanced at the books and realized what she is looking at, we are doomed.

The first book she “really had to have” was YouTube star-turned-author, Connor Franta. Connor FrantaHIs memoir (A Work In Progress) spent 16 weeks on the New York Times best sellers list. The book she bought last week was Binge by Tyler Oakley (Link to website here). The next one on her radar is by Miranda Sings. Please take a moment to watch as much as you can handle of the following three videos. Out of the three, I could watch perhaps a little bit more of Connor Franta. However I really don’t have the time or intestinal fortitude.

Youtube video with Miranda Sings

Youtube video with Connor Franta

Youtube video with Tyler Oakley

Now do you see why I’m concerned? Is this where we are headed? Do you realize how much time it takes to watch all of these highly intellectual videos? Yes, that was sarcasm.

For her reading choices, she wants to learn more about the people who are becoming very successful by taking videos of themselves. What happened to her infatuation with Harry Potter? Fortunately, Harry will probably remain her number one but being stoked about Youtube success stories, how do we move on from this? Everything this generation is excited about is something found on that little device they have sticking out of their front pocket! How do we turn this around? How can we help them realize their priorities are stupid?Miranda Sings

She is my example because I see what she is doing, I’m not picking on her one little bit. She does listen to us and is very aware of what her generation is doing. It is just so sad that their phone has become like the new drug! They can’t put it down; they are completely addicted.

I know if we could find the time for her to spend 18 days in the bottom of the Grand Canyon with me like I did in the 90’s, she would have a new take on life. When you are removed from society, electricity, plumbing and chargers, you are able to just live moment to moment.  Life starts to happen. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit. I will find a way to free her from her phone for that long. Some how, some way, I will do it!