Add Hours to your Day with a



Do you ever find yourself feeling angst because there is so much you need to be doing, but you aren’t doing it all? There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day yet, darn it, you need to be doing it! Oh, believe me, I get it.

Here’s an idea, start your day with soul-sex!

I’ve started about eight blog posts that I have yet to finish. I will drift into the thought that I “need” to get one posted but as the thought enters, I realize that I haven’t finished one because A.) it is no longer pertinent or, B.) I haven’t had the time!

I know I need to be writing a little bit every day in my book, but at the end of most days, I look back and realize I couldn’t fit in a moment to let the thoughts flow. The cool thing is, that’s okay! I don’t allow myself a moment to “beat myself up!” It will be done, and it will be done at the right time. I know this.

In my meditation this morning, I once again realized that everything will come and will be done as it is intended. I know better than to try to rush the process. I am exactly where I need to be and am doing exactly what I need to be doing right now.

I know this because I have manifested this beautiful voyage known as my life. I visualized living outside of the hell I lived in for 35 years and created this picture I live in today. It wasn’t until I learned the art of meditation that I understood the power of manifestation. I see exactly where I will be and when I will be there. The result is beyond exciting, and I can hardly wait to get there. The time just isn’t right now.

Have you allowed meditation to be part of your daily routine? If you haven’t, you are missing out on something that will change your life. Sitting still and being alone with yourself is something many cannot do and simply won’t. Being in a hurry and rushing forward is the belief many have. Rather than taking the time to “be,” it’s go-go mode 24/7. You, you busy soul, are missing out on so much. Another group can’t sit in silence because their self-defeating thoughts creep in and self-abuse takes over.

Self-defeating thoughts creep in and

self-abuse takes over

When my daughter and I are out anywhere, and we see a swing set, my kid knows there is one thing we have to do. We are going to swing! I need to get my swing up high in the air, and as I go back and forth, I love to lean as far back as I can without tipping over. There is a crazy rush that takes over my body when I do this. It is a tickling sensation that I can’t describe.

In my meditation practice, when seated just right on my sit bones and all my chakras are in alignment, deep breathing slowly going in and out, I get the same feeling as being high on the swing. I could easily call it my mind-gasm! It’s like having soul-sex. It fills my body with energy and excitement, merely by breathing and being with one’s self.

I could easily call it my mind-gasm! It’s like having soul-sex.

“Back in the day,” if I wasn’t doing “it all” and juggling everything and anything I could just right, I would have beat myself up. Today, I don’t give it a second thought. This is all part of living in the present and living stress-free. If I allowed it to get inside of my head, yes, it could rip me in pieces. I choose not to live this way.

Meditation isn’t rocket science. You can sit silently for just ten minutes uninterrupted in your bed before you get up. Try it sometime. Start with ten and then when you start to understand the value, carve the time every morning.

Some people take an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, and they swear that by doing this, they add hours to their day. It gives you a clarity that won’t come to you any other way.

Unless you try it, you will never know nor will you ever accept that this can be true. You feel you can’t miss out on being in the throes of chaos by taking time for yourself. To be honest, you can’t afford to not take the time for yourself. Taking the time to meditate (or whatever you want to call it) is by far the best and healthiest thing you can ever do for yourself. Start it and create a daily practice, your life will forever be changed.

Go ahead, give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen? There is nothing better than a quiet moment of mind-sturbation. Go for it!

There is nothing better than a quiet moment of mind-sturbation!