When I post something on my blog or comment on a social media post about the beauty I find in the time I spend being entirely alone, it amazes me how people respond. The responses are along the lines of “congratulations, so proud of you, wish I could do it,” or even worse, “I could never do that.”

Wow is all I can say! How can you not spend time alone with yourself? You seriously have no idea what you are missing out on; this time is critical! You really can be alone and never be lonely!

The life that most of us live today is seriously “life in the fast lane!” So many men and women work full-time; we all have kids doing 9,180 events and sports weekly. Only having one child, I can’t imagine how hard it is to get to everything your kids are involved with or do! For parents who have more than one child, they certainly have to divide and conquer. There’s no way both parents can be there to watch everything our kids are up to! It’s impossible. You know what, your kids will survive if you can’t do it all! I promise they will be alright.

Granted, my daughter is no longer participating in sports with school or club, so I do have more time on my hands. The thing is, what I do with the time I have has changed. I used to have the TV on or be more actively involved with people and other events. Lately, I am incredibly selective where I spend my precious moments. When you realize how very dear your time is, you carefully look at your schedule before saying “yes” to anything. Stepping away from the madness has brought me to a stillness and peace deep within.

Your kids will survive if you can’t do it all!

It is funny, I’ve read and listened to many spiritual books over the last ten months. So much about what I have learned just by meditation and “being” I am now reading about by spiritual teachers. I never had a “teacher” or a guru of my own who I learned from; everything I gathered, it came from inside. Now reading and expanding more every day is exhilarating. I can’t seem to get enough knowledge, yet at the same time; I feel like I know all that I need to know.

One thing I find in everything I read talks about silencing your mind. Step away from life and go within. They even say the longer you can be silent with yourself, the better. This explains why when I was at the cabin on the Oregon Coast, the thought of coming home killed me! I wanted to stay and “be” for months! I can do this now, and it would be nothing but further growth.

Step away from life and go within.

With our insane world filled with “breaking news” every minute and everyone having their screen in their face, I believe collectively we are taking a turn in the wrong direction. Personally, I will not be affected, but I see it everywhere, especially in my home and living space. The only one I can control is me; I cannot have this negative energy in my space any more. I realize I must find ways to get out and away from all of it – and I do.

Don’t be afraid to be alone with yourself. Take some time to find out what is inside. You need not fear what comes to you. Perhaps you will find inner peace after all. You will never know if you don’t try.