This is the last time I will be seen or heard from – I don’t know how long it will last, or what I will be doing. I don’t get all the details, just what is needed. I have learned to live with one tiny movement at a time.

This video had to be made yesterday – before I enter silence once again. I have had construction workers, contractors and an intensive awakening appointment with a visitor for a week. Now, and for the unforseeable future, I am alone.

You have called me crazy and it doesn’t even skip my heart a tiny little beat.

I must appear absolutely nuts to the Normal Operating Human (NOH). But, I have been you. I have been where you are. From a tortured and abused kid, to a woman who was brought here to show ascended masters the way.

They are desperately needed as they must bring their flocks with them. Stuff is about to get real and I have no idea what it means. I just listen and surrender.

Believe me, you want to have what I’m having. You can’t believe that life can be this miraculous and delicious. You simply can’t. Watch this 1.5 hour video instead of TikTok or a movie – just for one little night. You will learn more about life and human existence in this powerful video than anything you have learned so far in your life. You can bank on it.