I went to the Oregon coast for clarity.

If someone I knew ten years ago connected with me today, they would see an entirely new version of me. I’m the new Cari 2.0!

I have experienced constant change over the last five years. Much of this began when I walked away from my “normal life” as a mom trying to keep her only child socialized. Since then, I rediscovered the magic of meditation. With my incredible energy, most of this meditation occurs while walking.

an entirely new version of me. I’m the new Cari 2.0

During the first mile or so of my walks, I allow any thoughts to come in that find their way into my head; the to-do list, what I need from the store, etc. After this first mile, I gently boot the thoughts away. I am then open and completely present as I quickly walk throughout my neighborhood. With this openness and awareness, great stuff starts to emerge. Before, there were times when such great ideas came into my space that I had to continue to walk to keep the flow moving. The more I walked, the more clarity I found. some days I would walk ten to twelve miles and finally had to stop because my bones were getting sore. When you walk in my neighborhood, you are always climbing hills! I always have my phone on me to record the nuggets of wisdom coming my way.

Who I am and what I believe and know to be true is freaking unbelievable. Why it took me so long to get to this place might be considered sad, but I’m just so glad I am here. Now I am at the crossroads of deciding what it is I do with the information I know. There is a part of me that knows “I have arrived.” There is nothing more I need to research or study, no more books I have to read. Do I share my knowledge with the world or do I just hit the box “check” and call it good? Can I even do that? I don’t think it’s possible.

I know each time when we come into this human experience, we come for a purpose; a lesson we are here to learn and master. With what I know, I believe I have more than fulfilled my earthly requirement. From where I came from to where I am, perhaps I have achieved requirements for future lives as well; it makes me wonder. How can someone come from such a pathetic place and get to this heavenly realm I have discovered?

Now the question is… am I to continue on this plane and share what I know, or, is my time on this plane complete?

How can someone come from such a pathetic place and get to this heavenly realm

I’ve spent the last few days on the coast in deep meditation in hopes of finding the necessary answers. Many of the meditation hours were spent in the cabin where I was staying, but the most meditation time spent was while walking along the beach, listening to the crashing waves of the ocean. Meditation happens when I am completely present. On the ocean, I am only present.

I still don’t have all the answers I am seeking. My time on the coast was not long enough. It was painful as I had to drive away and head back to my “life expectations.”

What I do know is if I am here to share my knowledge, my life situation has to change. I am no longer the same person I was even five years ago; every part of me has expanded, and the old Cari and what she believed has fallen away. The things that I thought mattered at one time don’t have one ounce of weight in my life any longer.

Because of the expectations set as a human, I am still behaving as if I don’t have the knowledge I do. I “go to work” each day which in doing so, I am not getting my message out there. There are parts of me screaming to get out! By keeping my schedule so full as a commuting employee, a mom, a homeowner, house manager, etc., I am continuing to suppress the knowledge revolving deep within me.

The things that I thought mattered at one time don’t have one ounce of weight in my life

Cari 2.0 is ramping up and ready to explode! If this is the life where I’m intended to share my knowledge, which I “feel” that it is, the volcano is actively brewing! When you get here, you cannot go backward. This bell can’t be un-rung!

Although this last trip to the coast was not long enough, it definitely had a huge impact on me. I can feel massive waves of vibration swirling around inside of me. I feel a vortex of energy ramping up that I haven’t felt before! Just when I thought I had experienced everything already unimaginable, more unbelievable feelings find their way inside of me.

Cari 2.0… is ready to be unleashed for all to experience.