I know most people wouldn’t say this, but for me, COVID, you’ve been a gift. Because it was on its way, I received very deliberate guidance in October of 2019 to buy paint and canvases. I had no idea why, because I’m not a painter or artist. But I listen to my guidance, so I bought lots of it!

Just a couple of days later, I received a text from a friend in Texas. The message said, “Look what my mom has been doing!” It was a video of a technique I’d never heard of before! The second I watched the video. I knew this was why I bought the paint and canvases.

After seeing how cool it was, I stocked up further, always finding sales and trying new paints and colors. Once again, the universe conspired for another massive change for me. I knew it was time for me to move from Olympia, back into my Puyallup home. I didn’t know why, but COVID was coming, and I was going to be in the best possible place when it hit.

Not only did I move back home, but my daughter came home from college at the same time for spring break. She was having surgery the next Monday. The day after her surgery was the day we were all told to stay indoors. COVID was here. I hated the thought that my daughter would have to go back to school after spring break, while she was supposed to be taking it easy and recovering from surgery. Because of COVID, school went to online only during her spring break. Now she could do her entire six weeks of recovery at home. Because of COVID, I was stuck with my daughter for five glorious months. We celebrated her 21st birthday together. We played games and just enjoyed each other’s company. COVID, for these five months that I couldn’t have anticipated, time to spend with my kid, I thank you for them.

During the time we were locked down in our homes, a few remaining episodes of the few television shows I like to watch aired. When I finished watching them, knowing they aren’t coming back any time soon because of quarantine, I’ve no longer had any desire to watch television. Sometimes I might agree to watch a movie, or I’ll watch Gaia right before bed, but other than that, I have no use for it. When you do rely on it being there, and you watch a fair amount, you can’t fathom how much life you get back when you let it go. I would never have found this new place of peace if it wasn’t for COVID.

Because there wasn’t any room I could set up in, and since we never used it, the dining room became my art studio when I returned to Puyallup. Since I returned to the house, all I do during my waking hours is paint. I am immediately drawn to the dining room first thing every morning. I have painted more canvases and restored old furniture by painting my designs on them. Most recently, I started saving the dried paint skins and am now making jewelry. As of this moment, I’ve made well over 100 pieces of jewelry. Just by posting on Facebook, I’ve started selling them. COVID has afforded me the time to develop my passion and skills.

COVID was good to me financially. I was one of the millions laid off from my job immediately after they announced the lock-down. Because of this, I was one of the beneficiaries of the extra money each week. After months of not working, when asked if I would want to return and do two days a week, I gladly accepted because I was tired of being stuck in the house. I was thrilled for a change of scenery.

Because I have so much more to write than I could even put in an outline; it would end up being a book by itself, guidance came for me to start making short recordings of my nuggets of knowing. Now, rather than dictating page after page in Google Docs, I make videos!I know I must get my messages out there, and if I can’t do it in print, I’m going to do it with my voice. Because of COVID, I’ve spent much more time creating videos. Even better, I’ve teamed up with a good friend across the country, and we’re making a video series together. Right now, I am doing everything I’ve never even imagined myself doing. I am at such complete peace in every part of my life. I owe most of it to COVID.

I know COVID is real and is deeply affecting millions of people. I’m not discounting any of this; I’m just not feeding the beast. To find peace in your every moment, I’m sorry but you can’t watch the news. I am living in peace and creating my own happiness. I’m not going to wallow in sadness and pity or wish everything would stop now. I accept what is, and I live my life my way. If I gave COVID any energy, I would be allowing it to come into my life. I would never go there.

(When I refer to my guidance or the universe speaking to me, it is the intuition, the voice of my higher-self that I’m hearing. Ego only wants us to keep processing thoughts and have a crazy monkey mind. When you quiet your mind and live in the present moment only, you will hear or feel your guidance. It is always there; you have to be open to receive it.

Also, the painting used on this post, I painted it. it’s the one I named COVID, or simply 2020.)