I am mourning the loss of someone I’ve shared many messages with and seen a few pictures of but never met in person. My life is so wild. I will be over it because I am returning to my silent Spiritual Coma. But it doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited about it. But just like that, it is gone.

I expected huge things on my first anniversary in my new house. This wasn’t one of them. I realized I overshared. I’m too honest about where I am at every moment. I never lie.

People aren’t used to someone like me. If you follow me at all, you know I speak the truth in ways most people cannot believe. I am a completely open book, yet my stuff is scattered everywhere. I have multiple video channels out there with tons of views. I’ve written many blog posts that have extensively detailed my journey. But they are scattered between my website, podcasts, Sovereign Abilities, and Spirit Connection. Because of this, it is time to put all the details in one overwhelming-to-the-reader yet short book.

No, Connie, I didn’t decide to focus on my book like you keep asking. I was told during my ski trip that now is the time to get it out there. To get it finished. I have to. My life won’t start over until I do. I had to get to a particular lesson before I was done with it. I am ready. I want so badly to be done with human lessons. I think I’ve had enough.

What was the lesson?

Although I appear to look like everyone else to the human eye. I am nothing like you. I was you. I am not there now. When I realized life the way I knew it wasn’t working out, and it never really was, I decided to surrender. To toss up my will and say, “it’s yours! You drive this thing.” Let me tell you… For someone who never stepped foot in a church growing up, it really works!

I don’t understand why people who have been church-goers their entire life don’t do what the Bible tells them to do. I am fascinated by this. I’m just now starting to read the Bible. I know the Bible explains our eternal nature. The Bible also tells us to trust God and surrender. When I heard those instructions directly from God, that is what I did.

When you do this, you are introduced to the one who has been trying to drive your bus your entire life, your higher self. You. Your spirit. Your God-Sparkle. We are all merely sparks of the same light, a spark of God. We are all one. It is true. I live it every day. I just learned this in the last six plus years and you’ve heard it your entire life. What are you waiting for? It’s incredible up here.

Moving to Newport one year ago 3/17/2022 was the final transition I had to experience to leave my old existence behind. The day I got the keys to my new house, I got the keys to my new life. I was thrown down hard to unfold into my new potential.

It came through like a flashing billboard that it may be one year that I’ve lived in my new home… But one year ago today, I was born into this new skin. I was pulled through a tube of toothpaste for five days with the most painful and beautiful experience anyone would have to go through. It was my rebirthing process. And it hurt like hell. I felt like death for five days. But then I came out on the other side. And this is who I am now. And I am so proud of where I’ve come. This took balls for me to go from the mousey little thing I was to the fearless woman I’ve become. I blow my mind with the stuff that comes from my mouth. I am not the same person I was a year ago. I can’t even begin to recognize myself. I love who I’ve become. I’ve stood up for many people in ways I never would have, and I’m just getting started.

Somehow, little ol’ Cari from Henderson, Nevada, chose to put on her big girl panties somewhere in the center of her life, and she pulled herself out of the darkness.

Now, I live knowing there is nothing we cannot do, be or have; I live this way every day.

You never know when someone may walk into your life. I can guarantee you planned the meetings. People come into our lives to give us some course correction, gift, book, or knowledge. We can never know why we meet right away; we only know that we are drawn to that person. What happens next depends on where each person is in their vibrational willingness to connect. We still have free will, even if we are supposed to rally together for whatever reason. People go their merry ways if the energy is uneven for whatever reason. It just starts feeling off. You can’t deny it.

Being “enlightened” and living in this peaceful, quiet, still, and silent space all the time can be an issue when we want to step “out of our silence” to join the human race again. That is what happened to me.

Someone walked into my life that wasn’t there before. Over time, I got to know this person at a level we don’t get to know people at. The way we let it all unfold was purely magical. It slowly unfolded. My heart opened again, bringing those giddy feelings like a teenage crush.

This was really fun for me to feel again. It brings that human part of me back to the surface. Being present always and always happy is beautiful. I don’t “think” about anything, ever. I just turn when guided and go where I’m sent. It is always brilliant.

When my heart is activated, and my feelings get cracked open, I’m like a German Shepard with its head cocked sideways. I must deal with “feelings” again because my heart has been touched. I am not good at this. I don’t know if I want to play in this feelings sandbox.

I guess when I first climb out of my cave, I must appear like an overly anxious puppy. I’m not used to conversations or play dates. I’m sure, at times, my tail is wagging more than it should. I am not used to sharing myself in a one-on-one cyber conversation that lasts beyond a few minutes. 

‘So the book will be oozing out of me. I have to have something that is ‘my life’ all condensed into a few chapters to hand out if I want people to know who I am. Without it, there is no way I can explain who I am. Once this first book is out, I can start connecting the dots and sharing the rest of the stories. I can’t believe how much I have written. It is all meant to be shared.

I truly am an open book. There is nothing I haven’t – or will not share. This life was my human story unfolding into zillions of crazy compartments. My being open about what I went through to get to where I am will inspire you. You will see yourself somewhere in my story. I promise you this. I’ve been everyone along the way.