I have had a few conversations with a lovely young woman who works at a local establishment. 


Chatting yesterday, I told her about the two boys trying to escape eleven years of captivity. She shared her story with me once we opened up and she knew I was a safe space. 


She is just out of a relationship that ended horribly. Her heart is broken. She is devastated. Sounds like 99% of relationships. We have all had that horrible break up. 


It’s what we do after the story ends that matters. This is a letter I left for her where she works:


In a nutshell, I’m gonna tell you how life works. And I’m going to recommend you listen to a YouTube video. It is a book from Lee Carol, channeling Kryon.


The Journey Home – the story of Michael Thomas. When he gets to the red house, that is your boyfriend. It is every person you will encounter in your lifetime that touches you in one way or another, good or bad. Here is the link to the story:




Before you were born, you planned on meeting this man, your boyfriend, who would get another girl pregnant and become the most disgusting creature on the planet.


Here’s what happened.


You planned on meeting him and having a story together. You planned on the story ending. You planned on walking away, growing, and taking a lesson from it. But we get stuck in these stories because they are tragic. They are unbelievable. The things we tolerate and let people do to us, we just cannot believe the stuff that is happening.


You planned every little bit of it.


You planned it so you would go into the story, experience it, feel the feelings, and then find the strength to say fuck off and walk out. Closing the door forever.


Here’s where humans get screwed up. They want to get stuck in the story. They think that person, somehow, someway, must remain in their life at any cost.


Oh, hell no.


They are merely there for a lesson.


We come here to have these incredible stories, to get our hearts broken, but we come here to move out of a story. We don’t come here to get stuck.


I have advanced to where I am because I have never allowed myself to get stuck in any of my stories. And I have had so many I can’t write enough books to explain what I have gone through.


The difference between me and everyone else is that I have gone into every story and walked out the other side. I never got stuck. My middle sister, whom I told you about, never left her first story. Her life remained misery all the way through.


You have no idea how magnificent your life can be if you allow yourself to step outside the story, kiss it in the ass, and never look back. Throw out your rearview mirror. Believe and trust that every single thing you experience here… It is a lesson. A lesson you came here to learn.


We are unlimited beings. We create our own reality. If we feel sad, hurt, or worried, we get more things to be sad, hurt, or worried about.


When we find gratitude in everything, we get more things to bring us more gratitude. How you feel is everything.


Feel gratitude for the lessons this asshole taught you, and wish him love as you send him away forever. Feel good about growth from this experience; I promise you will grow in ways you could not imagine.


Look into the Law of Attraction. Look up Esther/Abraham Hicks. Listen to her videos. Lift yourself, elevate yourself.


The more you find ways to remain happy, the happier your life will be.


Once you step out of the story and decide that this man is forever out of your life, the next amazing thing in line for your life will appear. When you put a story behind you and you feel it to your soul, you will feel angel wings wrap around you. Simply by committing to yourself that this story is truly behind you, you will feel different throughout your body. You will have already moved beyond it.


Plan on this experience for the rest of your life. Do not allow yourself to get stuck in any story at any cost. Ever. 


You will be the most brilliant and successful human being on this planet. By doing what I suggest, you will follow your arrow and no one else’s. You will find the path you created to get to the destiny you wanted – to make this life magnificent. You have not even begun to discover what you have ahead.


If you’ve ever imagined what it is like to cliff dive. I did it through my childhood. Think of skydiving. Close your eyes, and imagine that feeling when you’re leaning out of the airplane right before your first jump. That anticipation, that feeling that… “What in the hell am I doing? I’m going to die.” You fear you’ll need a diaper.


The second you take that leap, what happens? Think about it.


Elation. I did it. Look how strong I am.