I realize how far I have come every time I look back and see how backward my life was! Here is an example of my old story, the way I saw it, I was just a fat girl.

Twice the size of my friend!

Twice the size of my friend!

All of my life I was obsessed with my weight. I was a “chubby” kid and remained chunky all the way through high school. At 16, my mother would still call it “baby fat!” No, I was fat! I had a double chin and fat rolls… at 16, that is NOT baby fat!

Ahhh such a beauty

Ahhh such a beauty. New braces and fat rolls.

Preparing to leave my ex-husband, I didn’t realize how much I hadn’t been eating – stress related. According to the scale, I weighed in at 108 pounds. According to the mirror, I was still a fat girl. Even when my co-workers told me I looked anorexic; I could NOT see what they saw – even though you could see the bones on my chest protruding because of the sunken skin surrounding them. Nope – I was fat. That was all there was to it.

When I finally left my husband, still seeing a fat girl in the mirror, I bought an exercise bike. In my depression, I found myself eating more than usual. I would get on the bike randomly, never enough, and would get mad at myself for staring at it rather than using it. The weight started to pack on. I believe I gained a whopping five pounds while I lived in that apartment.

I literally stopped thinking about my weight

I moved a few more times with the company I was working for (in a home office) and I gained five pounds each time I moved. I knew this, I thought about it and I owned it. I kept it at the very top of my mind 24/7. With each new address came an increase of 5# on the scale. How can this be?

Fast forward to 2009; the scale hit an all-time high! I was NOT happy.

As my daughter begged and begged and “promised” to take care of it, we finally caved and got a dog. I loved to get out and walk the pup, allowing her to experience all of the scents and smells along the way. Beyond the dog, I also started a new full-time job that year. With the new job, I stood up all day and more often than not, I brought a big salad to work. I literally stopped thinking about my weight at this time because life was just busy!

Before I knew it, I dropped over 20 pounds! I finally was at the weight that had forever been on my driver’s license – the one we all lie about – right ladies? After I had reached this weight, I made the conscious decision to let this new number be the barometer for my weight. If or when I would find myself one pound above the driver’s license, I would walk an extra few miles or cut back on food for a day – it made it easy to stay on top of it, and to not think about it!

Next thing you know, I realized I changed my story about how I saw my weight. I now saw it as a positive thing – what I wanted as opposed to what I didn’t want. After I changed my story, I let go of ever thinking about my weight! I know my weight will always stay within a 3-5# range and I am totally happy with this. I truly can eat whatever and whenever I want, and I know I will never have to buy a bigger size pair of pants.

Before I knew it, I dropped over 20 pounds!

The difference was, I was obsessed with my weight before and couldn’t stop thinking about it and “gaining weight!” That’s why I kept gaining weight. Thoughts always become things, and the thought of my weight was always, always, always the huge thing on the top of my mind, for almost my entire life!

Change your story! When you focus on what you don’t want, you will always get it. It’s the law of the universe, and it is 100% accurate every time!

When you shift how you think about things, you change the outcome. If you 100% consistently make it about what you want and try not to ever allow the thoughts about what you don’t want creep into your head, you will get what you think about.

What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.