We don’t die. Even if we did, it wouldn’t change what the survivors should do, right? When someone exits the planet, you have a choice. You live, or you stop living. What do you choose? Not that it matters, but what would the deceased think you should do?

 Geez, people, we are not here to wrap our existence around any other one person. We do that; we have given away our keys and our power.

 A former friend of mine has been grieving the loss of her mother for about a year now. Her mother was very ill for a long time before her death. This one was one of those that you saw coming. You knew it would be sooner than later. This one created an expectation. There would be no surprises. You prepared for it. No matter what, this person is lost.

 We are energy. We occupy a body as it enters this world and live in it, full throttle, until we exit it. Period. It is our costume we wear to see and be seen in form.

 We plan out the lessons we want to learn before we incarnate. We meet with our soul family and plan each other’s roles for this lifetime. We plan who will play mom, dad, grandma, neighbors, lovers, aunts, uncles, etc.

 We hurt each other intentionally as we want to experience being the one doing the hurting and the one receiving the pain. We want to know what it feels like to feel. That is why we come here.

 We want to murder and be murdered. We wanted to be a slave and an owner. We are captains; we are pilots. We have been every race on the planet. We’ve been every letter in the alphabet, including LGBTQ. We have been raped, beaten, loved, kidnapped, famous, and royalty.

 Because where we are from, we are all love. We wanted a place to come and play in the sandbox with all these options. We can’t actually hurt each other as we are actors in a play. We are the puppet masters on the other side of the matrix, enjoying what we can do as it all unfolds.

 We forget when we come here so we can see how we do with each lesson. None of this is real. The world is a stage. Some of us get to the space where we figure it out. When you understand this and live beyond your old stories, you are no longer part of the performance. You are now written out of the story. The hook exits you from the stage gently. All of the actors are left to figure out their lines without you.

 Now, you get to be a director. You get to assist others and sprinkle stardust to show them the light within.

 I must keep referring to this story about a near-death experience (NDE). Natalie Sudman sums up beautifully what “the other side” looks like when she describes how she died. Her words, “we could also see it as a matrix of energy or an organization of energy,” were the words that helped me visualize better what our swirling energy really looks like.

 Because of copywrite laws, I cannot paste the YouTube transcript, but I will share the link to the video. Her words between 26:33 and 30:10 gave me the visual I needed to understand “the other side of the veil.” I highly recommend you listen to this short section, or read the transcript.

 None of this is real. We don’t die. As we let go of our need to control. As we let go of believing what we are told, we can start to see from another lens and open up to other possibilities. Your life definitely has holes in it. You have nothing to lose.

The entire video is worth watching. The section I am referring to begins at 26:33 through 30:10. Again, if you can listen to it all, it will be worth it. 


Near-Death Experience in Iraq with Natalie Sudman