I no longer live any storylines on this planet, so there is no opportunity for illness. We create illness when we choose to stay stuck in a situation we want to be out of, but we don’t take action. That is when we find sickness and disease.

I finished all of my planned scenarios on this rock. I am immaculate inside. No disease can penetrate me ever again. To those who insist I have checkups, this is why they aren’t necessary. Law of Attraction.

If I thought I needed to see a doctor, that would create the thought a doctor was needed. When you think you need a doctor, you manifest a reason. I haven’t walked that pathway of thinking in a very long time.

I used to be very temperature-sensitive. I hated heat and sun. When I don’t hear complaints about temperature or know what the forecast is, I am perfectly at ease. No matter how hot or cold. It is always simply pleasant.

Now I realize my body reacts if I overdo my reaction to the temperature. For instance, I am writing in a chair with a big blanket over me. I suddenly felt a little off, so I kicked off the blanket. I realized it is already quite warm in here. I don’t feel it. My body experienced the added warmth in an already warm room, so it gave me a weird feeling. Now I have course corrected.

When hiking around Sedona, I was always completely comfortable – until I heard the Pink Jeep Tour buggy whiners complaining about the heat. At that moment, I went inside my brain and processed that, yes, my brain agreed that it was very hot in Arizona. Immediately, I had to find a bush for shade. I couldn’t continue hiking that day because of the heat. Being overheated was the reason I left in the middle of the day to check in to my motel.

That was so I could be there to meet Alden. The story in my second book. This was a miracle. I had to get hot.

Food! You are programmed to believe you need three squares a day and productive snacks. You follow the trends as it is the next best thing for your body. You can’t get away from someone telling you what is right or wrong – for you! How can anyone know what is right for you?

The messages are overwhelming.

Stop listening. You already know. Nothing is bad for you unless you believe it.

We don’t require food at all, the way you have been programmed to believe.

And because we want to believe we need three squares and productive snacks every day, we feel a need to control our nutritional requirements. We are so confused.

There is research with conflicting research about everything. What is a portion? How much should I have of this or that? What is good for me, what is bad for me?

None of it matters. But if you believe it, it will.

Lately, I know the only thing I need to sustain myself is a little bit of food and liquid, and my body functions. I tend to not think about my bodily functions because I don’t feel anything. I don’t even feel blood going through my veins or my heart beating. I believe it is.

The food I once loved, I don’t want. I don’t want anything. Ever. My cupboards overflowed with what I thought I would eat, but I didn’t want anything. Then, I bought comfort food that I hoped I would want. I gave away most of it, now I don’t shop. I even have to throw out Tillamook Mudslide ice cream.

We don’t need food. A peanut butter pretzel will suit me fine if I feel hunger. I stopped listening to what I was being told. I am the authority of me.

Another non-issue is my bladder. I don’t even remember it is there. I make a point of stopping in a restroom if I have one nearby. I can’t feel the urgency or pressure if it is full, but believe me, if I see porcelain nearby, let the dance begin. I am doing a much better job of understanding intake vs. output.

5D is beyond the body. You are in it, but not of it. It is your ride while you finish this playdate on the rock. Your higher self drives this bus, and you get to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

When you walk through all of the stories you planned for yourself on this rock, you walk through this gate. Once you do, there is no turning back. You made it.