As I was creating this post, I was told to use the word Genocide. I didn’t really know what it meant… until now. I would be scared if I were you.

What is this book about? My ex said something to me in the last nine months that stuck somewhere inside like a dark dust ball. 

After I went on the cruise in March, a massive download came through early in the morning of March 29th. I woke up screaming and crying, shaking to my soul. At that very moment I was shown why I was “sent” to Hawaii on August 6, two days before the fire. I can’t make this stuff up. I was sent there for a reason. I helped people as the island was trying to figure out what to do next. I went home after ten days and immediately everything in my life began to shift. My house suddenly sold after drag-assing for months. The house I wanted in Mount Shasta dropped the price and we had to move fast.

In Mount Shasta I finished my first book and for the first time in my decades of writing, it was off to be published. Days later, I am “sent” on a cruise out of LA. I started writing immediately about my cruise experience. I believed I was creating a manifesto; until I woke up on March 29th.

This entire book flowed through me in less than three weeks. 

What did my ex say with complete conviction that I have totally dismantled and destroyed? He believes to the depths of his soul that for a child to be successful in life, they need to have a “leg up.” I called bullshit. 

Inheritance – bad idea. Giving them “something to start with” is not what they need to survive and figure out their life plan. When we are faced with figuring life out, guess what? We do! We are resilient. Why do you think we can get pregnant at 12 and 13? Because we are that capable. We are instinctive animals – but you kill the instinct by pre-planning or getting involved AT ALL in the lives of your children. 

Kick them out of the nest and let them find their way. They have a plan. Keeping them on your couch and preferring they live at home is downright ridiculous. It may make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing you have complete control over your children – and you don’t have to “THINK” about what they are doing. You won’t have to “WORRY” about them. Get over it. They have a plan. Kick them out! They have work to do. Stop being lazy and insist everything revolve around you. 

You are afraid to face yourself in the mirror. We all are. Get over it. Let them go and see what the hell your life is about. Isn’t it about time? What you don’t finish learning in this lifetime is going to be rinse/repeat until you face the hard stuff. You must do it.

In my books, I am showing you the reasons why you want to do this, as well as the step-by-step instructions on how to get here. There is a beautiful story waiting for you beyond the story you are stuck in.

Let everything go. Let nothing matter. Trust you have a plan BECAUSE YOU DO! This was just one story. You’ve had many stories you have walked through. Do NOT allow yourself to get stuck in this one. 

You have the feelings you do because you are not where you want to be. Follow the feeling. You know you came across this book for a reason. It is the best $20 you will ever spend. I promise you. You will understand why you don’t fit into the world you are in – and you will understand the feelings you feel. That combat going on inside with what you are doing, and what you wish you were doing. 

WHO chose the life you are living? Was your life pre-planned? Did you get to decide if you wanted to go to the pre-school that prepares you for the Ivy League? Is that what your little kid – childhood dreams were about? You know it isn’t. You aren’t allowed to be that thing that is your little secret. If people knew who you were, they wouldn’t approve. 

This is the dark cloud you live with. I am not only giving you permission to step in to who you are; I am telling you that if you don’t, you are going to live through this same hell over and over again until you take charge of your life. 

The four seasons of Only Beautiful Things Happen to Me will explain my entire magical journey. From a relentlessly searching normal operating human (NOH), looking for I didn’t know what my entire life. And then … I found it. Those four books show how I got to become what you call enlightened. I live full time in the fifth dimension. 

I live “in” my body, but I am not of it any longer. I function from a dimension you cannot comprehend. In my four seasons, I do my best to describe how I became what this thing is that I am.

This book came through after I became what I am. I had to become this in order to see through a lens that you do not have. You have gone deep in the new universe of way too much information. Your world is in overdrive. You cannot keep up.

I had to slide into silence to access this very critical information. We are killing ourselves and it is happening right before our eyes. You are saying ‘yes’ to the madness that has become your life. Your head is deep-diving into information that is spinning your universe into a tailspin that you do not know how to correct. You are part of the problem and you don’t even realize it.

I am the peace. I saw the way. It will work. 

Read this book and remember who you are. Remembering and following your path is the only way to save our planet.