I am in Maui as I write this. Sitting inside my little kitchenette with the window open, blowing fresh Hawaii air through my soul.

I was in the midst of selling my house and moving to Mount Shasta just days ago. I realized when my house wasn’t moving, and the house I was buying in Mount Shasta fell apart since my house didn’t sell; I was living Groundhog Day.

I was looking out my bedroom window in the morning to see the same people doing the same thing, wearing the same uniforms, every single day. (Being oceanfront in my community, my living room faces the ocean. My bedroom faces the road.) I was on a merry-go-round. I realized that I was on a cycle that had to have something significant change to get this storyline back in motion.

What I thought was my absolute next step was not so much. If it was, I would be elsewhere right now.

As I write this, watching the whitecaps grow with the predicted wind, my house in Oregon is now going to sell. I had to do something radical to break the circle cycle.

I knew I was to go to Maui when I was guided to respond to an email from Alaska Airlines. Living in Oregon, I knew travel by air was not in the cards. I have many Alaska miles, but every flight I checked on since I’ve been here would connect me through Seattle. I would have to stay a night before flying anywhere. Today everything changed. Alaska flies direct from Portland to Hawaii. That opened me up to immediate action.

I had been anti-Hawaii about going to Hawaii for years. It was because I only went with my ex, who was just like his deceased father. They make all of the plans. They know what is best for everyone. You may think you have a say in what your life on vacation will look like, but you realize you never do. When it hit me that this could actually be perfect, it was because he is out of the picture. My life has been mine for quite some time now. How did I ever give my power away?

The flight was easy to book. The accommodations were simple, timing out perfectly. I reserved a car, two nights sleep on both ends and parking at the hotel in Portland. The simplicity of all components falling together made me know this was no different than my trip to Sedona. The same four components were booked. The rest is always up to guidance. I live life with no expectations ever, except for one thing. I always expect miracles. They always deliver.

I believe the entire first book will be complete before I leave the island. The thought of this feels so delicious. The time is now for the words to be shared. I know once my feet land back on Oregon sand, my life is about to get real and busy.

For those beautiful souls who have “hitched their star to my wagon” along the way, I thank you. I know I can be radical and harsh, but I speak what I am told. I am grateful that you have looked around and found that I am not the only one who speaks these words. Those of us who are speaking are delivered the exact same information. You get to find the lens you want to find this message through. This is why there are so many messengers out there.

What comes through to me when I am open comes through to all of us. My channel doesn’t have any kinks. It is wide open to receive at all times. I don’t ever go into “thought.” I am always quiet and open.

So many of you are on the cusp between the 4th and 5th Dimension. You are so ready to walk in bliss. Many of you still have life stories, family, and other hard lessons to deal with on the way. No matter what your path; stay the course. Do not wander.

Remember to only always take one step. Never look beyond that one step, as planning or thinking about “the future” will send you on life-altering switchbacks. The only thing that is ahead of you for your pre-planned destiny is one step. Find it. Listen for it. Do not think about next Sunday or your vacation plans for Christmas.

Only one step is to be taken at a time. Planning stops that step from coming.

How can you know what that one step is? For those who genuinely want to walk this walk, I will tell you what you absolutely must do. You can cry, whine, call your mama, do whatever you want, or stop listening to me.

There is one thing you will not do that is the one thing that will get you from there to here…

You have to shut up. You have to stop talking to everyone. You have to stop needing to be near others. You have to not use your phone. You have to not watch TV.

The only way from there to here is complete silence. Find a picture or a nature scape you enjoy, and plant yourself there. No phone. No music. Silence. Look. Listen. Be still.

Walk in nature. Sit by the sea. Look at birds. Watch butterflies. Pull weeds. Plant a garden. Paint a picture. Take a bath. Climb a mountain.

To find your soul, you must remember who you are and why you are here. Being ravaged with reality and the sounds of the city is not conducive to activating this part of yourself. If you want to find your way home, you must go there first. Get away from everything and everyone else. Pack your phone away and let it go for as long as possible. Bring a camera and a recorder to document everything.

How long should you be silent? That depends on you.

My last eight years will be documented entirely in the books. My steps were first to shut up and surrender. I realized the way my life was not working out meant it was time for me to stop “trying” to make it into something. It wasn’t working. I was searching and desperate.

I surrendered. I allowed. After seven years, I met God.

When you walk with God, you are never alone. God is your right and left hand and always your best friend. God is fun, God is light.

Now my “alone” time is never alone. I realized I had never been alone. I have always been good by myself, but now I understand why. Alone is never. I have always been in great company. I have never been lonely.

This is where I have to ask those who have always had God in their lives. You claim that you are lonely when surrounded by so many people. Why are you lonely when someone is or can be right there everywhere you turn?

You are lonely because you don’t realize that you are not alone. The one you know well. The one you have always loved and prayed to is not “out there.” Your best friend is not helping others in distant countries. We are all sparks of God. God is part of every single one of us.

It will change you when you allow God to be the light that shines in your soul and not think of it as something beyond your reach. God is in all of us. God is all of us.

I love walking miles on the beach and seeing so many people alone – primarily female. We find that we can be entirely and authentically ourselves when we don’t have others to rely on. We are complete when we don’t have to compromise. When we can just “be” and do absolutely anything we want. Why would we ever want to be somewhere like Hawaii and not follow our own arrow?

That was me. I didn’t know how necessary my personal guidance and cravings were to my soul. If we don’t feed our soul, who will? No one.

We are here to feed our souls and feel the benefits of breathing in life as we create it. We create our own reality. We are bliss or misery. It is all our choice.