Changing the world by planting one seed at a time.

A Belief is a Thought You Continue to Think. Change your thoughts and you will transform your life.

Do you ever wonder if perhaps there is more to life than meets the eyes?

Are you ready to allow beautiful things to start happening to you?

You’ve come to the right place…

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. 

-Mahatma Gandhi

I am fearless and I will tell it like it is – you can listen, or not.

As humans, we fall into the trap of living day in and day out like everybody else, for everyone else. We get so lost in the details, we don’t realize why we are so unhappy.

You feel an emptiness inside, like something is missing, but you can’t understand what it is. The bigger part of you is constantly giving you guidance and putting directions right in front of you – however you are not quite ready to see it.

Every one of us is here on a very personal journey. When you figure this out and begin to follow your arrow, you will begin to see the change you have been dreaming about.

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If the woman I was at 30 years old was anywhere near the woman I am today, she would be scared to death of me. From the dredges of hell, I have clawed my way out of the dark shadows and hellhole of my past, and emerged into a Zen-like creature completely in charge of my life. I live in the present with no stress, I have more energy and am healthier than ever and I’m completely happy. I am the sole driver of my bus and it feels wonderful.

I got here by following internal guidance and gut instincts. It was a crazy ride, but one that never faltered. If I could get to this magical and mystical place by quieting my mind and listening to a voice much more powerful than mine, anyone can do it!

Trust Fall with God

Trust Fall with God

A small yet significant story from my childhood comes back to me at different times. Each time it comes back around, I learn another lesson. Last night was no exception. I was shown that we can only learn what we can at any point in life when we are ready for...

You Thought Your Way Here – Think Your Way Somewhere Else

You Thought Your Way Here – Think Your Way Somewhere Else

This work that I do has me walking between two worlds; the one I left behind in Washington a year next month and the one that opens me up to the rest of the universe. During my last twenty-seven years in Washington, I got to know many people and their families quite...

How I Live In The Magic

How I Live In The Magic

I am not even similar to the woman I was seven years ago. What am I doing differently now? What do I do that was not part of my modus operandi seven years ago? These are truly the simple things I do that have brought me to Enlightenment. I live in bliss 100% of the...

You Can Do This!

Transform Your Life.


The horrible experiences that you endured over the course of your life were merely things you planned, that you hoped you could get through. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems so daunting when you’re in the thick of it, that you decide to park your spirit and stay stuck. When we do this, we completely halt our expansion and find ourselves spiraling down a rabbit hole.

These are all choices you came here to make. Sometimes you need to make a choice that maybe no one else will like, but it will be the one that begins your life.  Let’s get you on a fearless path to start your spiritual journey. Don’t be afraid of the way I can change your life. Embrace it!


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Cari is a rare and brave soul that gets people to show who they really are, below the layer that most put on because of fear. When we can get past that layer, that is when people can start connecting and live the way they were meant to live.
Kelli B.

“Cari Palmer is an empowerment powerhouse. Cari inspires and empowers people to live their best lives by sharing her story of overcoming insurmountable odds, to creating a life she absolutely loves. Cari is a fun, lively speaker who energizes and compels women to stand up and take charge of their lives.”

A Raving Fan

After living through it all, I have a no-nonsense approach to changing your life situation. I would love to be that hand for you to hold, that shoulder for you to lean on or that voice of reason echoing in your head when you are ready to make big decisions to change.