The above poem made no sense when Alden sent it on May 18, 2021. I lost touch with him in early July. Miraculously, I did find out that he died on July 6th. To understand how, why, what… I was led to Jen. She spoke to Alden after he died. The day she told me about the conversation, once we hung up, I was told to go to email and look at this message. Now, it made sense.

Then Connie was able to capture the second part of his message from the other side.

He told Jen he had to meet me. Then after he went home to his version of Heaven and was with his family, he told them he had to go back as he was to help me write my book. Little did I know we’d be doing a series together.

With the book getting ready to publish, the backstory to this love story that never happened appeared. Before I was “sent to Sedona,” I was being prepared for the biggest change my life would experience. I was going to meet Alden on Thursday. After this critical in-person meeting, I would be connected to Source Energy. Meeting me was the last thing Alden had to accomplish before he went back home. He was sick and ready to transition back to non-physical. But to do this, he had to meet me. He had to go to Sedona. 


I “thought” I was going to Sedona with Lital and Tenagne. Nope. Plans cannot happen. I was to go after I heard about the wild experiences Tenagne had. This story inspired me to book my trip to Sedona. 

The night before my early flight, I sent this message to Connie. I didn’t know I sent it until after I came home. She showed it to me. How did I know this? I didn’t remember knowing this or sharing.

This is part one of my conversation with Candice Sanderson after returning to Puyallup. We recorded right away. I had not even started becoming who I was becoming post Sedona. The magic started unfolding quickly. I was not the same woman. Not even close.

We did a few more videos after this, but I was not in the same vibrational space. I was now operating on Sedona’s energy. I couldn’t do what I did just two weeks before. I felt myself shifting into another space. I was not who I was when I went to Arizona. The next years became miracles. I live miracles. There are no other words to explain my reality.