I knew I had to hit the road. When I got to I-5, I had to go south. I’ve only headed north. This was a no-brainer. Then the road that would take me to Reno had fire delays; another obvious thing I’d avoid. 

This journey delivered me to a mountain I heard about as a volcano. I didn’t realize any other part of the history.

After arriving in Mount Shasta, I felt different. I felt light, elevated and energized. I knew I couldn’t leave. I immediately paid for a second night.

When I learned about the spiritual power of this mountain, it rocked my world.

Upon my return home, I was guided to record these three videos back to back. This is big.

Video Number One – I am oozing with excitement.  Today was the first completely full day after leaving the most powerful energy source I have ever encountered. I can’t believe the magnitude of energy I soaked up in four days. When I went to Sedona, I chose it because of the energy and what I knew could happen. I did not plan on ending up in Shasta… but when I realized where I was… holy cow!

Video Number Two – I finally show the world the difference in my skin – on my face – created simply because of thought. I know I stopped aging, but I decided to reverse the icky chicken, saggy, skin above my eye, on the lid. And it worked. I am turning back the clock – by thougth. Want some of what I’m having? 

Video Number Three – This details when I shared with the world last May – I heard I was disappearing. Now that I am no longer in the lives of so many people, they wonder why I left. This was all foretold. They all knew – I warned them. I didn’t know what was happening – until it happened. Until now. Then… I share what is coming next – also something I can’t know anything about until it shows up.