I had an eerie feeling it was going to come to this. Now that it has, it will be interesting to see where we go from here. We thought we had an administration problem in our country and blamed it for everything. Now, it is your personal choice that will divide us; you allow a shot to be the thing to create the wedge between us.

My body is exactly that, mine. No one outside of the resident of this castle has the right to decide what I do with it. I will do me, and you do you. What a wonderful world this would be if we all just minded our own business, right?

We are in a pandemic. We now have a vaccine. People are lining up across the globe to get that magical elixir that will enable them to resume life as they once knew it. I am happy for these people. If that is what it takes to make them happy and feel good inside, make them want to start living life again, then bring it on.

I am not like anyone else. I have been expanding my consciousness at lightning speed for a few years. Back in the day, when I got sick and didn’t know why, I’m sure I would have been in line to get the vaccine as soon as my criteria came up. The who I am today, the one who doesn’t get sick, I don’t worry about illness.

The last two things I endured were both things that I brought on; one from an event I was stressed about, and the other, the biggie; I asked the universe for it directly! The last one was in 2017; I do not get sick, I can’t. If it happened, it would be because I slipped down from bliss and found myself in ego somewhere for a minute, and that can’t happen.

My body is exactly that, mine.

When I was able to get sick, I was also living with negative emotions. When you live in resentment, anger, grief, or sadness, you will get sick. I was ill all the time. When you live with negative emotions, you are vibrating at a low frequency.

Because we are all vibrational beings, when you raise your frequency, you match that vibrating at the same level. Negative emotions maintain a lower vibration; bliss and happiness keep your vibration flying high. Like equals like. Covid 19 is not vibrating anywhere near where I reside. It could not come to me no matter what I did, unless I asked for it.

I have yet to fear the pandemic or anything surrounding it. I refuse to give it any attention or energy. When we divert our thoughts to something negative, it pulls us down. Because of my spiritual growth, I don’t get pulled toward anything other than love and light. You will never see me feeding the monster and keeping it alive. I send it gratitude and wish it well.

I heard talk about this when it all started, but I didn’t want to give it my energy. The vaccine was out, and people were lining up to get their injection to freedom. They created the belief that when they got their two doses and gave it the required amount of time, they could go back to life as they knew it. This pandemic would be a thing of the past. All they had to do was get the vaccines. If this is what they truly believe, then it is what will be.

What I know is true is a belief is merely a thought you continue to think. I never once bought into the fear of the pandemic. I knew it couldn’t come near me, yet I lived respectfully and always wore a mask. I simply never feared it.

Because the pandemic forced us to be in our little bubbles, I learned how to love my silence even more than I did before. I thrive by being alone and far away from anyone. Besides the few people at work who are all masked up, the same neighbors or the grocery store, I don’t do people. I am a loner, and I love it.

You will never see me feeding the monster and keeping it alive.

I thought we were beyond thinking it was okay to tell someone else what they should do to their body. This pandemic has created a few different schools of herd mentality, and I’m somewhere in the middle.

We have those who have outwardly rebelled during the entire pandemic, and I’m sure they aren’t in a hurry to get vaccinated, and they probably never will. We have those who have been living in fear; they’ve hunkered down in their homes, and without a doubt, they were the first ones in line for the shot. The second group also counts on and expects every other person they know to get the vaccine they have been desperately awaiting. It’s the “I did it so now you do it” mentality.

My husband raced to get his vaccines when he was able. My daughter is in college and had to be tested at least 15 times for Covid already. She spends a lot of time with her 89-year-old grandma, so she has to stay safe and healthy. She has had to do most of her classes online over the last year; she wants this pandemic to be done to start her life after she graduates next year. We all do.

As I said, I am not around people. I wear my mask. I am not able to attract Covid or anything like it. I am good. I don’t need the vaccine. I’m delighted right where I am.

Apparently, how I feel about my body isn’t good enough for many people. I have heard “I want you to get your vaccine” over and over again. This is my body; if and when I get the vaccine, it will be my decision. I will not do it because you want me to.

If a vaccine is required to do something I want to do down the road, it is at that time that I will make the decision to get the vaccine or not. I won’t get it because I am supposed to be part of the herd doing it for the collective. If I even think about this, I am lowering my vibration and giving the pandemic energy. Thoughts become things. Should anyone get the vaccine – or anything else – because someone wanted them to? That would be no!

I can’t help but look back at how hard we have fought for our rights and the freedom to be in charge of our bodies. We’ve fought our whole lifetime. Now, look at you. You are pointing fingers and telling others what you want them to do; shame on you. Who gave you this power? I gave up letting others drive my bus long ago.

My not being vaccinated is not a threat to you. It is something I haven’t done yet. If you only choose to be around people who have received the vaccines, that is your decision, and I honor it. Life still goes on.

I am not going to get in line and swim upstream with the rest of you. I will do what I have to do, when I have to do it, for my reasons – not yours. If we all lived our lives this way and kept our nose out of everyone else’s business, this would be a beautiful world.

This is my body; if and when I get the vaccine, it will be my decision. I will not do it because you want me to.

Take a step back and seriously look in a mirror right now. Are you one of the people pointing fingers and telling others what your expectations are – of them? Is this what you want the world you live in to look like; I don’t believe you do.

This pandemic has changed the best of us to the core. Before you throw someone under the bus or damage relationships, see where you are and what it is you need. Is my getting a vaccine that important to you? You just might want to think about the “why.”