It’s time I write this. I’ve been holding my breath and waiting for the right time, but there is no right time. The time is now. I’m stepping out on the ledge and sharing my deepest, most blissful secret.

Change your thinking, change your life.

I know that “thoughts DO become things.” I know we have the power in our ruby slippers to make our lives freaking fantastic as well as utterly disastrous. I know this because I’ve read about it, I’ve seen it and more than anything else, I am living proof. We control our happiness, our sadness, our highs and our lows. We can choose to live in the present and not allow stress in our lives. What a wonderful way to live!

What is the worst that can happen if you think and live in a positive way?

A few weeks ago, I read and reviewed a book written by my former dentist. He decided to retire from his practice to continue his research and do more writing. After reading his book, I knew we were meant to connect in this lifetime. The book is What You Can Do to Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease. For me, the book was a page turner. There aren’t many people in my circle who think and believe as we do. When I stumble upon a like-minded person, I know it is a lifelong connection.

The premise of the entire book is what I believe, “thoughts become things!” Here is my review:


In his book, What You Can Do to Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease, Thomas Nicholas Skarshaug touches on so much more than disease prevention. He brings you something so simple, it’s almost impossible to believe, but it is real. I know first hand how incredible the power of our mind is.

Before I realized the power I have and use on a daily basis, I was working at a company years ago with just one other girl. We both showed up day after day, week after week, month after month and worked long hard days. Neither one of us came down with a cold or the flu for almost two years.

The company informed us they had a third person joining us. The day the new girl started, we both came down with terrible colds. We both had been incredibly tough and knew deep down; we couldn’t let the other person down because we needed each other. Knowing we now had a third person, we both ultimately allowed ourselves to collapse.

In 1995, my sister and I were both diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease. After grieving for 24 hours, I decided having this disease would not have any impact on my life. I had it; it did not have me. My sister looked at it in an entirely different way. She has been living as a person with a disease since that day. She is always fighting something. She IS her disease. She is not healthy.

This book is a perfect example of how indeed, your thoughts become things. I know there are many naysayers who will think this is all hogwash. Let me challenge you. Why not at least practice what the book recommends for a month. What is the worst that can happen if you think and live in a positive way? Follow the plan as outlined by Thomas Nicholas Skarshaug and I guarantee, if you do this and believe in it, your life will be forever changed.

The thing is, living this way cannot be something you do on the outside for others to see. It has to be internal. You truly have to believe in your power and have zero doubt about it. When you doubt, the doubt is what you live, and you are no better off. You cannot fake this feeling. When you own your power, you can create miracles. If there is doubt, you will not see your miracles, and you will have even more doubt because they won’t happen. This feeling has to be 100% authentic and 100% real and 100% inside your soul. It has to be your life’s mantra.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.55.00 PMIn an article on Facebook moments ago, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there is an emotional component in 85% of all illnesses! DUH!!! In reading this article, I was inspired to create this post. Some people are finally catching on. Read the article here. I don’t care if you use the tapping solution, meditation or jumping out of airplanes, whatever it is you believe to work, just do it!

What I don’t understand is, if there is a chance that living with a completely positive belief system and a knowing deep down that you have the power to never be sick, and the power to manifest anything you want, why doesn’t everyone give it a try? Seriously? What is the worst that could possibly happen if everyone gave this a try for a month? What is the worst that could happen? NOTHING!!! The sad thing is, I don’t know many people who are willing to give it a try.

If you entertain the thought that “thoughts become things,” why would you have negative thoughts or live in depression? If this is how you choose to live, you will remain right there and will never get out. If you just offered up positive affirmations over and over during the day, over time, you would start to see the change. This, I promise. You don’t even have to believe what you are saying when you start. You just have to say them to yourself over and over again. Click here to access the website with these positive affirmations.Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.53.49 PM

Sadly, many people need to be stuck in their shit. They can’t let go to the wrongs of yesterday, last week or last year. It is easier to hold on to anger, sadness, grief or jealousy than to let go of everything and live in the moment. The world is full of these people. People who live and believe as I do, we are hidden among the masses. I will never understand why some would choose misery over bliss.

It took me a lifetime to figure out how to live this way and after I arrived, all I could think was “why in the hell did I wait so long?” I came with a stacked deck, so it was quite the process to get here. If and when you change your thinking, you will change your life.

I’m here. I’ve found peace. It’s beautiful.