We are coming up on another election that is down to two “candidates” who have elevated hate and anger to the point where there will be no winners. We are headed down a slippery disaster slope if this election comes to fruition. If we don’t stop what you see as the “only choice” reality, we are committing suicide. We are on a fast track to self-destruction. We are using an outdated machine that needs to be revisited to represent the people, and not power and money.

You all know the “other side” of this election hates so vehemently that no matter who wins, there will be war. I see ash and rubble in your future. You are willing to do any thing for your boy. And you are all saying this is okay by doing nothing.

You believe there is nothing we can do, our hands are tied, we cannot reinvent the wheel. I say bullshit. We’ve done it before. There comes a time when it is the only option. My book covers it in great detail, but we are running out of time.

Coming to Depoe Bay, I was delivered to a show on The History Channel about the invention of the credit card, it just aired on May 12. This would be a reinvention of the way things were done ‘back then.’

The funny this is, they were invented a few decades ago. Before I was born, we lived in a  cash-only society. Cash and checks were all you had. The cash in the coffee can in the freezer or under the mattress was a thing. If you didn’t have money, you didn’t buy it.

Can you imagine a world where you have to have cash to buy your groceries, school clothes for your kids and gas?How much power would your government have if you weren’t all over extended on credit? Food for thought? And it wasn’t that long ago. 

In my books I speak the truth, I state the obvious, and I say words out loud that you are afraid to speak. I’m not.

We are closing in on an election that doesn’t have to be what it is coming down to. But you are sitting by, hoping and praying that something happens to turn this world on its side. Unless you do something, how can this happen? How can you stop this out of control freight train unless you take action? Who do you expect to take action and do something?

I will once again state the obvious.

Our political system is based on two enormous machines that are our “two party system.” Each party is loaded to the gills with money and power beyond your wildest imagination. You cannot imagine the size or immense power inside of this machine that runs your life, your reality, and your country. You dare not touch it or go near it because you greatly fear it. You hope it stops gaining muscle, yet you keep feeding the monster.

Our political system is no longer what we once trusted, respected and loved. It has gone down the toilet – yet you say we cannot do anything about it. Our hands are tied. We cannot reinvent the wheel. I beg to differ. I say we have no choice. There comes a time when what once worked no longer works. This is when you create something that does.

It is simple math. We use electricity now when we could still be using flint to heat our homes. We have indoor plumbing. Why didn’t you support keeping Blockbuster Video stores in the neighborhood? Oh yeah, we change. We evolve. We grow. We get smart.

In the late 50’s, a man was in a restaurant and realized he forgot his wallet. Necessity is the mother of invention. He started the Diner’s Card,which evolved into the Diners Club Card. This was the beginning of credit; using money you don’t have.

American Express and Bank of America hopped on board. To get the full story on this very critical invention that reinvented how we buy things, watch the short episode on the History Channel. Here is the information. 


In my book I talk about the political system that you keep feeding. It is two massive machines full of strength, power and money. You have no idea who is driving your bus, yet you keep giving them your power.

You say nothing can be done, that we cannot change what is. I beg to differ. What is doesn’t work. Why would we keep a system that has clearly failed us and only works for and supports a very small percentage of the population. Do you know who this sector is? You know you do. They are the rich folks in the towers you keep praying to.

In the beginning of the credit card, they found a company willing to take a risk and invest in this new creation of extending credit to humans. The influx of cash would help spread the word and get people excited about having a paper credit card.

It went great until the salad oil debaclel, as of course, nothing is as it appears. Smoke and mirrors. 

Watch the episode about how quickly we went from a cash-only society to who we are today. How do you think the political giants would function today without the invention of credit in the last six decades. 

We can and must reinvent the wheel.

I am just a messenger. I don’t have the plan or a clue, I am just lighting the match. I don’t watch the news, but I know our end is near unless we do something soon. I know we don’t die, so I am fearless. How about you? What about your kids?

The book that came through me in under three weeks will help understand why we need to topple the money and power heavy country we have created. America was about all of the people and for all of the people. Do you remember this? It was actually in my lifetime when we were all one.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Because you praise the rich and powerful, you have created a new class system in America that locks  you and I in the bottom of the Titanic. You are locking the door behind us.

Here is the vegetable oil back-story.