They are on Amazon for the “soft launch” and are on sale. The launch has yet to happen. The huge marketing plan is underway at Balboa and Amazon Publishing. For now, this is a placeholder for access to the books and the story.

I promised to send a notice in advance for those who asked to know when my books were done. Three are finished. Two are published. We are just getting started.

This video explains the importance of these two books. They go together.

One explains how I went from a normal operating human (NOH), to enlightened. It shows the things I had to give up and walk away from to find this path. I know the way. I am showing you.

The other book came through because I got quiet enough to listen. I became a lens for change. No one else can seem to see anything. These are critical and they go together. You won’t believe one unless you understand what I had to do to find the way.

This is my pride and joy. This is the book that brought me to the space of heaven in a skin-bag where I live. Following guidance brought me to Sedona. In Sedona I met Alden. The last thing Alden had to do before he died was meet Cari Palmer from Seattle. The rest became a magical, mystical love story that goes lightyears beyond the veil.

The book is finished. I don’t know where it will call home quite yet.