I had a beautiful relationship with my grandfather. I was the only one who said, “Yes, let go,” when he was ready to leave this earth. Everyone else begged him to stay as they knew he was the glue that held them together.

He told me early on, “Man is ruining his own nest.” Since he uttered those words when I was young, I’ve seen evidence every step along the way.

A friend of mine was receiving nice checks because people around the globe were finding her music. She began to feel that life could be simple for her and her daughter until Spotify changed the rules and stopped sending her checks.

This woman is a gifted, incredibly talented songwriter.

Someone I know moved to LA to work in the film industry. There is now a writer’s strike. I hear the actors have joined the strike.

I grew up in Las Vegas. Strikes were common, but they always came to an end. I learned that it was a way to negotiate what we need as a collective to make sure we take care of each other. The goal is to keep food on the table and families healthy and productive. Don’t make the rich man richer. Let’s keep the money where it belongs, in the hands of the man that does the work. I liked that concept.

Can someone explain this latest phenomenon to me? We are human beings with gifts and talents. Yes, some of us are incredibly brilliant, and we know how to make machines do all kinds of amazing things. What am I missing?

I don’t watch the news; now I am glad. This would send me over the edge. I came up for air enough to have this explained to me, and I can’t believe we would be so incredibly stupid as to shoot ourselves in the foot – again.

Has anyone ever heard of Lumeria or Atlantis? Do you not realize what happens to a society when they out-technology themselves? We can’t last as a race if we replace our own people – blood flowing and breathing – with robotics. Why would anyone even consider such a thing? Just because you can is not really a valid excuse. I used the reason, “Just because we can afford it doesn’t mean we should buy it,” in leaving my marriage. Just because we can replace ourselves, does that mean we should?

Those of you creating the machines, I certainly hope you have stopped creating little humans as you are making it so they won’t have anywhere to go. Population control needs to start in this segment.

You want to take the writers who have worked in the film industry since its creation and replace them with robotics? You want to take talent (that humans have been encouraged to dig deep to find and demonstrate) and  say to them, “Your skills are no longer needed on this planet.” You are the equivalent of wisdom teeth or an appendix. Goodbye.

You treat the people who write the songs and scripts that explode your emotions like they no longer matter. Even the people creating these machines have been moved by what they do, and they have their hands on the trigger.

We’ve seen it for years in the banks and grocery stores. In Oregon, the people who have always pumped gas will be among the next unemployed generation. They are training Oregonians how to pump their own gas for the first time. They know their fate.

There are more people working and surviving every day on this rock who are just getting by. There are people who have way too much money and are coming up with ways to make even more while you are losing your jobs. You have to dig deep to find another talent because yours doesn’t matter now – is this okay?

What am I missing? Why are you allowing this to happen? I know y’all watch TV. I know you see what is going on. I just learned yesterday, and I am already doing something about it.

If there is no planet left here to manipulate, what good is your money? What happened to “be the best you can be?” What happened to just having enough money so you could live a good life?

Many people are angry about what they see, but no one is doing anything. There are more of you than the big guys with the big wallets. Why do you allow this to continue? Stop saying, “Yes, please. Kill the dreams my child has about writing or creating. I stand by your need for more money.”

We are not a stupid population. We know money and power are behind every powerful position. Follow the money.

If you don’t know about Lemuria or Atlantis, it might be time to do your homework. It doesn’t seem so far off now, after all.

Grandpa, you nailed it. Man is ruining his own nest.