When I was in the middle of “reality,” I was sick – a lot. The highlight was passing out in the lobby of a walk-in clinic, waking up to paramedics asking me my name and who the president was. This is after they evacuated the lobby full of sick people to another building. It was almost as bad as when the teacher made me pee in my seat in first grade, and made my classmates clean it up. Yes, that happened.

Now that I live in the present moment only, and only follow my arrow, I can’t get sick. It is impossible. If somehow I came down with a cold, it would mean I got stuck on some subject. Something got inside of me and latched on. I cannot be sick because I choose to stay feeling good always.. 


I manifested a tailbone infection in 2017. In this video, I describe what I did to bring it on, and what happened next.

I then share two magnificient medical experiences I’ve had in the last few months. These have been magical and quite educational. We should never seek outside of ourselves to see what our body is trying to tell us. Why would you trust an outside translation of what you are trying to say to yourself? No Dr. Google or any other doctor. Trust yourself.