I see a vision. I am holding a piece of black paper and two drops of water are added to the paper. In a moment, the two drops of water move together to become one. At that point, they cannot be separated. Which parts belong to which drop? It is all one. It is the first miracle. It is the last miracle for most of you.

How can you wrap your brains around the fact that you once started as two tiny little drops. One drop was labeled an egg and the other labeled a seed. Names don’t matter. Pay attention to the miracle.

When the time is right and the right seed is near the egg, they become a drop that cannot be separated. It isn’t that the other sperm racing to get to the egg are good sperm or bad sperm, they just weren’t the sperm that was to attach to this egg. Period. It is simple. The one that did is the one that was supposed to attach; none other. There are no errors.

As humans, we embrace the “Miracle of Childbirth.” Then it’s end-of-story. I find this fascinating.

Now I realize every part of life, beginning with childbirth is miraculous. I find it amazing that you experience the first moment and acknowledge the magic for a second, then you put the Genie back in the bottle like it never came out. Wild.

Look around you. Every plant was once a seed flying through the air. Every tree was once part of a majestic tree somewhere far, far away. Everything finds a way to get to where it is needed. It always does. The only thing that can stop the natural flow of what is needed – is your human brain. Your inability to believe that there is so much more than you could comprehend.

The idea that when you allow yourself to be fluid, you will find more drops you are to blend with; those you planned to bump into. Bumping into them is everything. It must be an in-person connection. 

You will never find the drops that will complete and expand your universe by living the limited life you have accepted as normal. The people to the left of you do it. The people to the right of you do it. If you did something out of the box, they will look at you through another lens. They will judge you and question your reality. Watch out; you don’t want that to happen. You do nothing. You wait until one of your neighbors does something crazy before you ignite your life into something magical. Or you die.

What your limited self cannot comprehend is that you need to be out discovering your arrow. It will take you to a land of uncharted territory. 

When I followed guidance and went to Sedona, I met Alden. I had to get to Sedona as he was only going to be there for two days. After this, he would head back to the northeast and begin his death process. He was a drop that had to connect with this drop. We had to meet in person. By meeting it opened up sides of me that I couldn’t have known could exist. It opened up a paranormal reality that makes my life Disneyland and Magic Mountain every single day.

I met the woman in Seal Rock. She had to meet me to have that part of her opened up. I had to meet John when I was young. He became my soul brother from another mother at 21 years old. He has been a critical part of my movement on this rock. He was not supposed to be my happy ever after; that was how we were to meet. He has been a driving force in where I go, how I got there and who I’ve met.

A woman came to me for her awakening in December. We realized that even though we met many years ago, we were not at that space where we could exchange the gifts we had for each other yet. When she came in December, it was two drops of water on a paper that blended and the connection that was predestined was established. We both grew immensely from that second – in perfect timing – connection.

We are born and it is a miracle. Every next step and path that unfolds is also a miracle. You stopped believing in miracles somewhere along the way. Why? I am just now beginning to understand them. I can’t get enough of the idea and the promise of more. I live them daily.

You immersed yourself into a reality that is harsh, sad and painful. You cling to a community of “like-thinkers” and you know you cannot step outside of that box. You’ve dug a hole and you call it your reality.

 I’m here to tell you it is just a stupid hole. At any point, you can climb out of it. You are never stuck. When you change your mind, you can walk out. The only thing keeping you stuck is you. Not one other human or person has power or authority over you. The only power they have is the reins you have given them. Take your power back. Own your life. Not one other human can possibly know of the passion stirring inside of you. Show them. Don’t die with it inside of you.

Life is a miracle. This planet is a miracle. How to exist can change with one simple thought. You choose to stay stuck because it is the popular opinion. You have no idea how good life can be when you let go of the reality you were told you needed to live. Not one part of it is real.

Get out. Change your mind. Find you. Prepare to be blown away.