This work that I do has me walking between two worlds; the one I left behind in Washington a year next month and the one that opens me up to the rest of the universe. During my last twenty-seven years in Washington, I got to know many people and their families quite well.

The world I operate in now is behind the scenes. Stuff comes to me that is not seen even by my eyes. I receive messages and guidance, and I pay attention.

When this paranormal experience started, and I lived in Washington, I heard from people who had already passed on, giving me messages for their loved ones. Or I saw or heard from people who were about to transition (die). I was very immersed in the life-between-lives cycle. I made many connections in this realm. I followed one beautiful man on his year-long journey with a bunch of others until he transitioned. It was such a place of love and acceptance.

When I receive a message, I always deliver it immediately – no questions asked. I always say to the recipient, “I am just the messenger. I am just here to deliver what came to me. It may not resonate right now…” but it always did. It was that thing they needed to hear at that moment.

If someone comes to me, and I hear they passed on later, I always reach out to the family to tell them what I saw. It is usually them at a much younger, healthy age. It’s the way they want us to remember them.

It is funny how most of you want nothing to do with this part of me. That is unless it is someone in your family reaching out to me. And that is precisely what is going on. One of your kids is in dire straits and is asking for my help. I knew this would happen.

There were a few kids over the decades that stuck with me. I knew they were kids I’d want to watch to see how they unfolded. One of them didn’t make it. He took his life last year. The wild part about this is the silence. I knew this kid really well. If anyone knew him or spent time in his life, you were not surprised when you heard he killed himself. But the act you put on!

People lie to themselves and each other about what is happening. I was not the only one who saw the writing on the wall. I’m the only one who will be honest about it. During their process, I have sent things to the family that I hope can help. It’s all I can do at this time. We can’t go back.

There is a young person who has come to me four times now. Once a few weeks ago, and now the last three nights. This person is falling apart. They are on a slippery slope, and there is a good chance they are considering taking their life. Perhaps it is why I am hearing from them.

I don’t know how to reach this person. I have posted memes on Instagram in hopes that they are noticed. They haven’t been.

If your child could be someone reaching out to me at the spirit level, how do I get in touch with them physically? If anything, you need to check in on them.

For you and them if they are reading this:

I have been where they are. I’ve been where all of them have been. I’ve been beaten. I’ve been sexually abused. I’ve been tortured. I’ve eaten my pets. I’ve moved 102 times. I’ve been alone and abandoned. I’ve done some horrible things. I should be living in complete shame (if I allowed myself to. But I don’t live in that lane). I won’t let myself be a victim based on my choices decades ago. She is not me.

I know what they are going through. Although it may seem like an impossible task, I learned how to forgive myself and how to love myself. I can help anyone get there; it won’t take three decades as it did me.

I know how to show them the light and inspire them to move toward it. We never have to stay stuck or feel icky inside.

We are all here to struggle and muddle our way through this mess of a thing we call life. It seems so daunting from where we stand, but we can always laugh when we move a few steps ahead and look back.

This is a place to come and play and experiment. None of this should be taken too seriously. They can’t know that as young people. It is all so scary and full of dark twists.

No matter where you are in life. No matter what darkness seems to be looming that you can’t seem to escape, believe me, you can. You are escaping as you read this. You realize that you are somewhere that you chose to go. No one put you in the position you are in but you. Think about it. You picked it. You thought your way here. Now let’s think your way somewhere else.

It is that simple. We have the power in our ruby slippers to turn and go in another direction at any time. If you are in the middle of a story you feel you can’t get out of, one you feel will haunt you forever, it will only haunt you if you keep thinking about it. Thinking about something keeps it active. Once you let it go, the universe will as well. It will not be considered unless you think about it again.

This is your basic Law of Attraction. I love you. You love you. It’s over. Move on. Let it go. Let God.