This letter is written to my old friends, family, neighbors co-workers and classmates. It is written to tell you the world we once knew is no longer going to exist. You don’t have to listen to me, but your options for “listening” lately have been rather shady. Consider this one little question that I pose in one of my books.

If an alien showed up on your lawn and said, “Take me to your leader…” SERIOUSLY…. Who is the leader? Who is in charge? There was a time when we knew the answer. We don’t have one now. We are in dire straits and you need to look at the future through an unjaded lens. You cannot see what I have seen.

I am being urged to make sure every human that once knew me is taking these books seriously. I was just like you only eight years ago. Now I have said yes to being silenced, and six books have come through. What the book I just wrote in three weeks has to say… it should scare you.

Have you not seen the state of your country lately? Luckily for you, I do NOT subscribe. I don’t watch TV, or listen to anything. For me to remain light and listen to the higher voices, I have to remain silent.

I see and hear what you are doing and how crazy you have become. You are all feeding this crazy machine and you don’t even realize you are the problem. You are feeding and growing monsters that you do not know how to crush.

I was in your life for a reason. There are no errors. This video might make sense of it… no, it won’t. Perhaps one day.

I knew you before I became “this thing” that I am today. This ‘thing’ is pretty magical, yet there is no way you can understand it. It took me eight years to walk the path that brought me here, and I am still trying to put it into human vocabulary. It is not possible.

If you look at the David R. Hawkins Scale of Consciousness chart, I live on the very top line. I am ineffable. I live in complete bliss, peace and silence. My relationships are with birds and squirrels. I have no friends. I speak to no one. Nothing matters to me. I am unplugged from everything completely. There is not one thing or person that I am “attached” or connected to. I am solo. You cannot do what I have done.

When I moved to Newport, I was on the final steps of my ascension. What does this mean? I wrote a few books about it. You will need to read them. They very slowly unfold this journey that I’ve been on. The process from “normal operating human (NOH),” to enlightened and living full time in the fifth dimension took me under eight years. It was explosive. To grasp any bit of it, read the four seasons of Only Beautiful Things Happen to Me. Becoming Immaculate – From Abused to Zen in One Lifetime is the first Season. Written but not published, Sedona – The Call of the Messenger is Season Two.

It is amazing the personalities we allow to interject their self-appointed power on us – to keep their heads and hearts full of who they believe they are.

In a nutshell, my life wasn’t working. It was vanilla, but I wasn’t expanding. I felt restless. I kept searching. Now… I fully understand the tug and pulling that has been the driving force behind my life. I’ve kept moving and kept walking through relationships as I had to expand at a rate unknown to mankind. My life wasn’t working, so I said, “You take over.” Who was I talking to? I had no idea. I used “Universe” as my recipient.

No matter who was listening, they heard, and oh boy, did everything begin to shift.

I was in their life decades ago, but I kept growing. They were no longer in my life. Then I met you. I was at the same vibrational space. Then I continued to grow, you weren’t able. You parked your spirit and stayed behind. I kept moving. I kept growing.

When you surrender and allow your life to unfold the way you planned for it to unfold, you will see the beauty of letting go and allowing. You have so much more beauty and magic ahead than your human brain could comprehend. It is all right there waiting for you to step out of the story (or stories) you can’t step out of. Stop using excuses and get the hell out of there. Your life is waiting. It and you are so worth it.

We are so much more than our bodies. We create our reality. Anything in your life that you are not completely thrilled with, you created it. You keep it active. You bring on everything you get. We plan it that way. Our thoughts become everything.

I was hanging with ‘friends’ who dumped so much emotional baggage on everyone on a daily basis; you couldn’t shovel their shit fast enough. It is amazing the personalities we allow to interject their self-appointed power on us – to keep their heads and hearts full of who they believe they are.

Walking away from every human being has been absolute magic. When you are silent and you no longer listen to people whining and complaining about their limitations, you find you can explode into your full potential. The only one holding us back from who we came here to be… is us. We are in our own way.

You are so much more than you believe you can be. You have no idea that you have no idea who you are and what you are capable of. You are a limited human because you agreed to it. I left your world. You should see what is beyond the limits of your miniscule thinking.

I had to remain isolated and quiet for the last years as the books all had to come out of me before I plugged into the world of “published author.” Now that the books have been written, I will begin speaking and sharing my stories. Now the world stands a chance at waking up.

I was asked to create this post and share it with those who have crossed my path at our intended intersection. We met for a reason. For you, you have access to all of the information now. I’ve written all you need to know to shift your reality, and to find your ultimate potential. It is not about anyone else. Not one other human should be affecting or touching your personal journey. If you’ve given the reins away, get them back.

Only one person on this planet can possibly know the journey YOU came here to experience. Stop living through everyone else, #STFU and listen to you for the first time ever. Who are you? What was your childhood dream? Isn’t it time you go and make it happen? It was the only thing you looked forward to.

I now can attest that actually publishing a book is a huge undertaking. Getting to a point where what you’ve written is done – it doesn’t happen. I submitted Becoming Immaculate to the publisher in January. I believed I was finished writing anything. I was going to be free now. Then I went on a cruise.

After the cruise, a complete book came through me in under three weeks. Start to finish, and off to Amazon for publishing. If you know me, and you did, this was not something I could do on my own. I wrote a book about changing America before we kill ourselves – and it is already on Amazon. We are going to see an America we’ve never even dreamed about… America always felt like the safe place to be.

This letter to you is to let you know that no; we are no longer going to be okay. We are not safe. You are going to see your “free” country turn into a war zone. This is the only warning I can send. I am allowing those who need to hear this – to find it. That is how this works.

Man is Ruining His Own Nest is CRITICAL and timely. We need to read this and change the current state of America. We are about to see something we are not prepared for.

The only time you have is this minute right now. What are you waiting for? Your life starts here.


This is a post I wrote describing Man is Ruining His Own Nest. A word I’ve never used came through me for the title… Genocide. I am not able to make this stuff up if I tried!